How To Cut Your Own Hair

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How To Cut Your Own Hair
How To Cut Your Own Hair
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Despite the wide variety of hairdressing services in modern beauty salons, not all people have the time to visit a hairdresser for a regular haircut. If complex hairstyles and unusual haircuts are better to be trusted by professionals, then a simple haircut of bangs or trimming the edge of the hair are simple actions that you can carry out without the participation of a stylist with your own hands at home.

How to cut your own hair
How to cut your own hair


Step 1

For a quality home haircut, get a good sharp hairdressing scissors and a horn or rubber comb with rounded teeth. Only cut where you can clearly see it.

Step 2

Do not blindly cut - this can ruin your entire hairstyle. If you are cutting wet hair, remember that when it dries, the length of the hair will be shortened by one centimeter. Consider this when determining the length of your haircut.

Step 3

If you want to shorten your bangs, moisten them with spray water and comb through. Select the strands that need to be shortened and cut them in a straight line with scissors, trying to give the strands the same length.

Step 4

To trim the ends of your hair, moisturize it, comb it and gather it in a ponytail, tying it with an elastic band at the back of your head.

Step 5

Attach an elastic band at the end of the tail as well. At the base of the bottom elastic, cut off the ends of the hair with a clipper. This method will provide a neat, even and natural cut.

Step 6

If you have curly hair and need to be trimmed, comb it into a straight part. Stretch the strands by pinching them between your fingers and cut to the desired length. Make sure that each subsequent strand matches the length of the previous one. To do this, grab two strands with your fingers at the same time - already trimmed and a new one, in order to cut a new strand along the length of the trimmed one.

Step 7

After that, make side partings above the temples and trim the side zones of hair growth, focusing on the length of the already trimmed strands and retreating from this length of 1 cm. did not interfere with work.

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