How To Make A "cascade" Hairstyle

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How To Make A "cascade" Hairstyle
How To Make A "cascade" Hairstyle
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All girls dream of looking great, but beauty should be natural. Your hairstyle should look beautiful with or without styling. Hair should be voluminous, fluffy, easy to style. A cascade haircut meets all these requirements. It fits any oval of the face, looks great both on thick hair and on thinner hair, giving it volume, which is so lacking. The cascade is not suitable only for too thick and curly hair. On a cascade haircut, you can experiment with different types of styling, and every day you will leave the house with a new hairstyle.

How to do your hair
How to do your hair

It is necessary

Long tip comb, hairdressing scissors


Step 1

First you need to wash your hair and dry it with a hairdryer. Now on the crown, parallel to the forehead, select one strand exactly in the middle, 2 centimeters wide. Pin the rest of the hair with bobby pins. Cut to the desired length. All other strands will be equal to this one, so you can call it a “control strand”.

Step 2

Take each next strand further in the direction from the crown to the forehead and comb it to the control so that the length is the same. The width of the next strands is also 2 centimeters. Pull the strands at a 90 degree angle to the head and trim to the "control strand".

Step 3

Comb all hair from the back of the head up to the "control strand" and cut at an angle of 90 degrees to the head.

Step 4

Now start trimming the side area. Separate the strand, trim the length along the control strand and cut with a guy at an angle of 90 degrees. You need to do the same with the rest of the strands.

Step 5

Comb your hair and thin it. Look carefully at the hair while brushing, there should be no extra hairs coming out of the Cascade hairstyle.

Step 6

Now you need to style your hair with a hairdryer, giving it volume. You can make bangs if you want.

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