How To Detangle Your Hair

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How To Detangle Your Hair
How To Detangle Your Hair

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The damaged structure, the effects of dyeing or perming hair greatly complicate the procedure for combing it. It is especially difficult to detangle hair that is tangled in a round comb. But, as you know, there are no hopeless situations, and even highly tangled strands can be unraveled without resorting to the use of scissors.

How to detangle your hair
How to detangle your hair


Step 1

If your hair gets tangled after sleep, apply some conditioner or hair cream on it. Very little means are needed, otherwise the hair will become oily and weighted in appearance. Take a wide-toothed comb and comb strand by strand. If the hair is very tangled, start brushing in small strands, starting at the very ends. Brushing time depends on hair length and tangles.

Step 2

If you tangled your hair in a round comb while styling, take a regular shampoo or vegetable oil and dampen the tangled strand with it. Then, with neat circular motions, begin to rotate the comb, the hair should be free.

If you fail, dry the strand with a hairdryer. Dry hair is easier to comb. If you have a comb for parting, then take it, but if not, use a regular one with sparse teeth. Begin to separate the fine strands with the second comb from the round brush. The process is laborious and requires perseverance, but the saved hair is worth the effort.

Step 3

Use a mild shampoo and conditioner to avoid tangling. Mask regularly and try to blow-dry your hair less often. This way they will become healthy and strong, which means that they will not be confused.

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