How To Cut Your Bangs

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How To Cut Your Bangs
How To Cut Your Bangs

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Changing the shape of your bangs can completely transform your appearance - make you look somewhat younger, hide wrinkles or blackheads on your forehead. And at the same time, make the hairstyle unique - after all, stylists claim that two identical bangs do not exist.

How to cut your bangs
How to cut your bangs


Step 1

Before you cut your bangs, you need to choose the right shape and length. To do this, look in the mirror and think about the shape of your face, what in your appearance you would like to emphasize, and what to hide.

Step 2

The shape of the bangs and hairstyles in general should be such that the outlines of your face are oval - this is the shape of the face that is considered ideal. If your face is naturally oval, any bangs will work for you.

Step 3

For those with an elongated face, long straight and graduated bangs are suitable. They visually shorten and widen the face, making its proportions correct.

Step 4

If your face is square or round, you are advised to opt for asymmetrical and oblique bangs. Long oblique bangs, which have recently become very fashionable, will look good.

Step 5

Holders of a triangular (heart-shaped) face will fit bangs in a semicircle. They will visually make your face oval and accentuate your cheekbones and chin.

Step 6

Having decided on the shape and long bangs, you can go to a hairdresser or beauty salon, where masters will work on you, or you can cut your bangs yourself at home. This is not a very difficult operation, and if everything is done carefully, then you will do without the help of professionals.

Step 7

For long, straight bangs, part your hair in two, choosing the strands you want to style in the front. Comb and shorten them to the level of the lower eyelid - this will make it easier to work later. Then trim off the excess length evenly from one side of the face to the other. Now you can profile the bangs with special scissors, and if they are not there, just shorten some strands a little by cutting the hair at an angle. Now apply styling foam to your bangs and blow dry.

Step 8

For asymmetrical bangs, cut the long, straight bangs to the level of the tip of the nose or, if desired, lower. Now divide the bangs into three sections - two narrow side strands and one wide center strand. Now trim the center section at an angle so that the long section is slightly shorter than the near side section, and the short section is above the eyebrows. Profile the bangs and comb through them.

Step 9

For bangs in a semicircle, you will have to use more hair to make it thicker. Therefore, before cutting the straight bangs-base, divide the hair into two parts, separating some hair from the top of the head to the front. Now create straight bangs up to your eyebrows. Divide it in half and cut each half in a semicircle from center to edge.

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