Braiding Your Hair: 5 Easy Hairstyles

Braiding Your Hair: 5 Easy Hairstyles
Braiding Your Hair: 5 Easy Hairstyles

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Long hair is not always comfortable to wear loose. For a number of cases, such a hairstyle is simply not suitable, besides, untidy hair falls out more, quickly gets tangled and gets dirty. But you can braid them beautifully, since there are many ways to do this.

Braiding your own hair: 5 simple and versatile hairstyles
Braiding your own hair: 5 simple and versatile hairstyles

Spit - a simple option for every day

The most common braid is already a great hairstyle option. If braided neatly, then it always looks strict and elegant. The advantage of a braid is that it is very easy and quick to weave, and besides, everyone knows how to do it. When you do not have the time and opportunity to invent something and experiment, feel free to choose a simple braid. The classics are relevant at all times.

Braid variations

The braid can be the basis for other hairstyles. Remove it around your head or fold it in a figure eight at the back of your head, you can make a shell - it all depends on the length of the hair and your imagination. When you start styling your hair, it is better to immediately think about what you want to build, the height of the braiding on the head depends on it. To secure the result, you will definitely need hairpins and hairpins.


If you braid a braid at the very back of your head, you can put it in a bun. To do this, it is best to first collect the hair in a ponytail, and only then make a braid. A bun is generally an interesting hairstyle. You can twist it from several braids, and it depends on how it will look in the end. With some experience, you can quickly build it on your head. A bun can help you out even if there is not enough time to wash your hair, because even if the hair is a little dirty, with such a hairstyle it will not be very noticeable.

French braid

There are many different types of braids, French is one of the classic varieties. It is very similar to the usual one. The only difference is that weaving begins from the very top of the head, and the first curls are taken from there. In the process of weaving, all new strands are taken into the braid. Thus, the hair from all over the head is interwoven. To braid this braid correctly, use wide strands. It is better to train to do this hairstyle at home, so that there is an opportunity to braid or touch up it, because usually the first couple of times the French braid does not come out too tight.

Variations on a French braid theme

The French braid is also of particular interest because it does not have to be woven from top to bottom. You can do it from temple to temple, a little obliquely, or in some other way. Two French braids, united near the back of the head, look interesting. But, of course, it is better to start with a simple option, and then move on to more complex ones.

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