How To Style Your Hair With A Styler

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How To Style Your Hair With A Styler
How To Style Your Hair With A Styler

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At first glance, it may seem that an iron or a styler can only perfectly straighten your hair. In fact, there are more than enough styling options with a styler. Hair with the help of an iron can not only be straightened, but also twisted into small or large curls and made spiral curls. In short, a styler is a versatile product that has long replaced curling iron. It remains only to master his simple technique.

How to style your hair with a styler
How to style your hair with a styler


Step 1

Wash your hair and let it dry slightly on its own. During this time, do not comb your hair, touch or use any styling or grooming products.

Step 2

After the hair is a little dry, apply a heat protectant to it, thus creating an invisible film on the hair that will protect it from further damage.

Step 3

Then comb your hair along the entire length with a wide-toothed comb, preferably made of wood or any other natural material.

Step 4

You can now blow-dry your hair by tilting your head down and directing the hot air from the hair dryer from roots to ends.

Step 5

When your hair is completely dry, straight and voluminous, turn on the styler. If you decide to straighten your hair, then using several clips, pin the hair at the crown, leaving a few strands at the bottom. Take a small section of hair, place it between the styler's hot tongs and guide it from top to bottom through your hair. Do the same with the rest of the hair, gradually releasing it from the pinned bun at the crown. This will straighten all your hair evenly.

Step 6

If you want to wind your hair with a styler, then you need to use the clamps to fix the hair at the top, and, starting from the bottom, fix the strand between the tongs and slowly twist the styler around the strand from the middle or from the very roots - it depends on how you want your curls to look. The shape of the curls can be different - depending on what angle of the styler you wind your hair. If you keep the iron parallel to the floor, the curls will be strong and round. If the styler is perpendicular to the floor, then the curls will be spiral-shaped.

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