How To Weave A Tourniquet On Your Hair

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How To Weave A Tourniquet On Your Hair
How To Weave A Tourniquet On Your Hair

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When thinking about what to do with your long hair, think about tourniquets. This is a very good replacement for everyday braids. Dozens of different hairstyles can be made from a variety of flagella. The simple harnesses look very elegant. Braiding hair is usually suitable for young women of fashion. But with the right choice of one of the options, it can decorate the heads of more mature women.

How to weave a tourniquet on your hair
How to weave a tourniquet on your hair

It is necessary

  • - rubber bands
  • - hairpins
  • - hairpins


Step 1

In order to start weaving a tourniquet on your hair, you need to take only two strands of hair, and the hairstyle will be more airy, unlike hairstyles using ordinary braids.

Step 2

When you make bundles, you can twist the strands in any direction - clockwise or counterclockwise (each separately). After that, collect the flagella together, twisting them together. As a result, one harness is obtained, which very much resembles a rope rope.

Step 3

Harnesses, like any other hairstyle, require a foundation. In your case, this is a regular ponytail. Only after that, divide your hair into two strands. Start twisting each one counterclockwise as many times as you see fit. At the same time, hold the ends of the bundles with two fingers so that they do not unravel. Always twist the strands to one side. This will make your hairstyle look more harmonious. After that, twist both strands together, and fix the ends with a hair clip, or even better with an elastic band.

Step 4

You can also weave plaits on your hair using an artificial chignon cord. To do this, make a regular low tail (about 2-3 cm above the neck). Use an elastic band to secure. Place a chignon-tourniquet a little to the right of the tail. Attach the hairpiece with a hairpin, after pulling its edge through the elastic with which you tied the tail.

Step 5

Next, divide the hair into two parts. Take one of the strands and twist it into a regular tourniquet. Then wrap an elastic band with this bundle and attach with a hairpin. Do the same with the second strand. Just wrap the elastic in the opposite direction with it. Fasten everything on the hairpins. As a result, your chignon-tourniquet will twine around a beautiful plexus of flagella that looks like a bundle.

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