How To Make A Trash Hairstyle Yourself

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How To Make A Trash Hairstyle Yourself
How To Make A Trash Hairstyle Yourself

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Trash hairstyles have long been a fashionable trend. Trash is a good way to express the desire for self-realization, an extraordinary character and your bright personality. The main vocation of such hairstyles is visual deception, the creation of the effect of artificial, extended hair. At the same time, the color scheme is quite diverse, from pastel colors to bright or acidic shades. But keep in mind that the colors have to be combined with each other.

How to make a trash hairstyle yourself
How to make a trash hairstyle yourself


Step 1

There are basic elements of a trash hairstyle. First, it's always a riot of color! In this case, there are absolutely no boundaries. Coloring can be carried out both along the entire length of the hair, and on individual strands. Particularly popular are the ends of the hair dyed in a bright color. Speaking of color, don't limit your palette to a rainbow, it could be a tiger color or another animal theme. Secondly, bangs are an integral part of such a hairstyle. The bangs can be absolutely any: ragged, oblique, straight. Thirdly, at the heart of any trash hairstyle is the Cascade haircut. In other words, the effect of hair extensions should be created. This is most often achieved with straight, long strands contrasting with a lush head of hair.

Step 2

Now that you are familiar with the basic rules, you can safely go to the store for paint. Long colored hair is best washed with volumizing shampoo and blow-dry. When drying your hair, it is better to lower your head down to enhance the effect of this shampoo. Now make the necessary parting, collect the topmost strands in a ponytail, and comb the hair underneath from top to bottom. Moreover, each strand must be fixed with varnish so that the hairstyle will last longer. Then let go of the unused ponytail and the trendy trash hairstyle is ready!

Step 3

If you have short hair, the approach changes slightly. After drying the hair, it is necessary to use all possible means to help fix the hairstyle. These can be foams, mousses, gels, etc. Then the creative process begins: direct the strands in different directions, distribute them according to colors, lift them straight up or lay them at a certain angle. Thanks to the previously used products, the hair will be as manageable and flexible as possible. It is better to fix the obtained result with varnish.

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