How To Weave Four-strand Braids

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How To Weave Four-strand Braids
How To Weave Four-strand Braids

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A braid is a hairstyle in which several strands of hair are woven together on a person's head. When weaving a simple braid, the hair is divided into three equal strands. There are many different types of braids. Since ancient times, it is the braid that has been considered a symbol of the beauty of girls. This is not just one way to style long hair. After all, hairstyles with braids can be easily matched to each style of clothing.

How to weave four-strand braids
How to weave four-strand braids


Step 1

Lightly moisturize clean hair and comb thoroughly. After that, comb all your hair back.

Step 2

Divide your hair into equal four strands, gathering them at the back of your head.

Step 3

Begin to weave a braid - always on the right extreme side. Take the first strand in your right hand and place it on the second, adjacent strand.

Step 4

Then, holding the rest of the strands with your left hand, take the third (penultimate on the left side) strand and put it on the first, and place the fourth under the first.

Step 5

After that, take the second strand and place it on the third.

Step 6

Next, take the fourth strand in your right hand and transfer it to the second. Hold the strands with your left hand so that they do not unravel.

Step 7

In turn, move the first strand under the second, twist the third into the fourth, put the first on the third, and the second under the third. In this way, complete the braid of four strands to the required length.

Step 8

Secure the braid with a bobby pin or covered elastic. The bow will look very nice. If you decide to braid a four-strand braid with a bow, then choose a bow color that matches your outfit, hair color, and eyes. It is best to start weaving the bow while weaving the braid. To do this, wrap the bow between the strands, thus securing it. At the end of the braid, you can tuck its ends inward and secure them under the braid using hairpins, invisible hairpins or hairpins. After that, tie the twisted bundles with a ribbon, and tie a bow on top.

Step 9

A braid of four strands will look very beautiful if you braid it not one, but two - on different sides of the head (left and right). At the end of their weaving, you can connect them into one, leave a tail or cross the braids at the very beginning of the neck, and then tuck each of them to the center of the head. After that, you need to carefully pin the braid with hairpins or hairpins.

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