How To Make Natural Curls

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How To Make Natural Curls
How To Make Natural Curls

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Many curly girls dream of smooth, even hair, while those with straight hair, on the contrary, want natural curls and lush hair. Fortunately, today you can either straighten or curl your hair. Moreover, you can change your hairstyle for one evening, or you can change it for several months. There are many ways to get natural curls, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

How to make natural curls
How to make natural curls


Step 1

If you want to get beautiful curly hair for one evening, then you can use curlers. Now there is a huge selection of them. You can choose a large diameter, then the curls will be large. And to make your hair more curly, use thin curlers, but you will need to wind small locks on them. Apply mousse or styling foam to damp hair. Then, separating the hair in small strands, wind it with curlers. Just do it vertically, then the curls will turn out beautiful and will look natural. When you roll up your entire head, blow dry or dry your hair naturally. Start rolling the lower curlers so your hair doesn't get tangled. Sprinkle each resulting curl with varnish.

Step 2

You can create natural waves with a curling iron. Since this will cause heat to the hair, apply a heat-protective foam to damp hair before starting work. Dry them with a hair dryer. Start curling your hair with the curling iron from the back of the head. To make it more comfortable for you, pin up the interfering hair. Roll the strand onto the tongs, hold for a few seconds and release. The thinner you take the strand, the shorter the exposure time should be. In addition, if you take thin strands, then in the end there will be more curls. After the strand is curled, fix it with varnish, and then move on to the next. Sprinkle the finished hairstyle with varnish again.

Step 3

You can also make curls using a regular comb and hair dryer. Dry your hair from the roots to create volume. And with the help of a comb, curl your hair along the entire length. You can only curl the ends of your hair this way. After the hair is dry, you do not need to comb it. You can only beat the curls easily with your hands and fix the hairstyle with varnish.

Step 4

If you want to get wavy hair for a longer period than a few days, then it is worth doing a perm. Of course, before the procedure, it is worth discussing with the master stylist the condition of your hair, to assess how much damage may be caused to it. But, fortunately, sparing formulations are used for perm today, so after the procedure the hair looks alive. You can do a Japanese perm. It can be done even on damaged and weakened hair. The special composition of the chemical mixture not only does not violate the structure of the hair, but, on the contrary, improves it, restores damaged areas. After curling like this, you will get shiny, natural curls for several months.

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