How To Comb Your Bangs

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How To Comb Your Bangs
How To Comb Your Bangs

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Fashion tends to come back. Good old puffs on bangs straight from the nineties are coming back to today's trend. In general, bangs can drastically change any hairstyle. Having worked on it, you can not only be in the spotlight at the party, but also rejuvenate. The infinite number of styling options gives you a reason to experiment with your image. Hair most of all undergoes various modifications - coloring, styling, varnishing, straightening or curling. Backbrush most of all injures the hair. And therefore, to prevent this from happening, it is important to follow simple rules.

How to comb your bangs
How to comb your bangs

It is necessary

  • - hair spray or styling gel;
  • - hairbrush.


Step 1

Before combing, you need to wash your hair. Then comb thoroughly and blow dry or just wait until dry. In no case do not comb on yesterday's styling, this can seriously damage your hair, make it brittle and lifeless.

Step 2

Choose a small section of hair on your bangs. Stretch it by holding the ends with your fingers. And slowly, comb with frequent teeth, comb from top to bottom.

Step 3

You only need to comb it from top to bottom, each time removing the comb from the lock. Avoid harsh movements as the comb can get tangled in your hair and tangles in the hair.

Step 4

In the same way, comb all the following strands on your bangs, styling them as you like. Remember to comb back gradually, taking small strands. Otherwise, your hair can get tangled or your styling won't last long.

Step 5

In order for the bangs to just rise a little and acquire the volume you need, comb it only from the inside according to the same principle.

Step 6

To keep the bangs as long as possible, sprinkle them with hairspray or treat them with a special styling gel before combing. Before the varnish dries, shape it to the desired shape.

Step 7

If you wish, complement your hairstyle with accessories: ribbons, hairpins, headbands. This will give your hairstyle some flavor.

Step 8

Remember that with any styling, the hair is under severe stress, so before going to bed, wash off all fixing products and at least once a week make masks or wash them with various infusions, for example, from nettle. This will help keep your hair healthy.

Step 9

Correctly combed bangs will create the look you want. You can become anything from a vamp woman to an innocent angel. Don't be afraid to change, experiment, and amaze the people around you.

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