How To Braid Long Hair

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How To Braid Long Hair
How To Braid Long Hair

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Long hair can be braided into braids, they will give the look a special charm, emphasize the beauty and femininity. A braid hairstyle is appropriate for festive events, at work and at home.

How to braid long hair
How to braid long hair


Step 1

French braid Select three strands and start braiding a regular braid. With each successive weave, you need to add hair to the right and left to the extreme strands. You can start weaving from the top of the head or from the temples.

Step 2

Braid in a braid Gather the hair at the back of the head, select a small part from the total mass, braid it into a braid. The rest should also be braided. You should have two braids - one thin and one thick. Wrap the thick one around the thin one, secure the hair with hairpins.

Step 3

Ponytail Braid Tie your hair into a ponytail and divide it into three sections. Twist the right strand with a tourniquet counterclockwise and secure. Twist the central part in the same way, then twist the left one. Blend the left strand clockwise over the other two. The part of the hair, which is now on the left, overlap the rest of the strands. With this technique, weave the braid to the end.

Step 4

Select some of the hair from the left side, and tuck the rest into a ponytail. From the loose ones, weave a French braid, collecting the hair only on the right. Now select the strands on the right side and braid them the same way, but braiding the hair on the left. In this way, alternate the sides until only the central part of the hair is free. Braid loose curls into a French braid, braiding hair on both sides. As a result, small braids should form on the back of your head, they should be connected and decorated with a bow or hairpin.

Step 5

Little dragon Slick your hair forward, start to weave a French braid from the back of the head to the crown of the head. From the top of the head, start to weave a regular braid, secure it with an inconspicuous elastic band and tuck it under the French one.

Step 6

Crown: Comb through the hair and distribute it evenly in a circle. Start braiding your French braid from the back of your head, grab your hair on one side only, and braid in a circle.

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