How To Get A 1950s Hairstyle

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How To Get A 1950s Hairstyle
How To Get A 1950s Hairstyle

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The 50s of the 20th century became perhaps one of the most remarkable in the history of fashion and hairstyles. The art of hairdressers and couturiers elevated beauty to the rank of a cult. Bright colors, elegant hairstyles and femininity have become symbols of the era. The standards of beauty were Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly. Until now, the style of the 50s attracts fashionistas all over the world.

How to style your 1950s hairstyle
How to style your 1950s hairstyle


Step 1

The style of the 50s implies complete freedom of expression. Hairstyles can be done on the basis of a fleece or a ponytail. Thick bangs or a lush overhead hairpiece will not be superfluous. When styling your hair in the style of the 50s, keep your ears and neck open. Your 50s look is a chic and elegant woman. A 50s hairstyle is a classic that does not lose its relevance many years later.

Step 2

Comb your hair and part it into strands. Treat each strand with hairspray and wind it with curlers. The cold mode of the hair dryer will help to consolidate the effect.

Step 3

Dissolve the curlers and fluff the strands to create the desired volume. Pull your hair into a loose bun, leaving your neck and ears open. Fix your hair with varnish and enjoy the result!

Step 4

Hollywood chic and femininity of Marilyn Monroe? A hairstyle of large curls, divided into a side parting, will help to create the desired effect. Apply a styling product to clean and damp hair (excluding the root area). Divide your hair into strands and wind it with large curlers. After your hair is dry, loosen the curlers, comb your hair and treat it with a shine polish.

Step 5

Do you like the style of the legendary Brigitte Bardot? For a babette hairstyle, tie your hair into a high ponytail. Leave a few top strands free.

Step 6

Comb your hair and twist it around the base of the ponytail. Lay loose strands on top. The elegant hairstyle is ready!

Step 7

Music lovers and rock'n'roll lovers will love the rockabilly hairstyle. Apply fixing mousse to clean and dry hair. Separate and secure a section of hair in a horseshoe shape at the highest part of your head. Dry the rest of your hair with a round massage brush.

Step 8

Loose the pinned hair. Divide the strand into three equal parts and dry your hair, lifting the strands at the roots, achieving the desired volume. Comb the strands on the sides of the head smoothly back and secure them in the ponytail closer to the highest part of the head.

Step 9

Comb through bangs to create volume. Fasten the longest strands of the bangs over the previously made ponytail. Seal the result with hairspray. The rockabilly hairstyle is ready.

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