How To Fix Hair Color

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How To Fix Hair Color
How To Fix Hair Color

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If the result of dyeing your hair surprises or even disappoints you, do not run to the store for another pack of hair dye. Re-dyeing can damage your hair so much that it becomes dry and brittle and loses its beauty. There are several ways to fix bad hair color.

How to fix hair color
How to fix hair color


Step 1

If your hair is lighter in color than you wanted, you can use tinted shampoos and conditioners to give your hair the desired color. Or apply a long-lasting color to your hair for 5-10 minutes to darken and richer the color just the way you want it. The main thing here is not to overexpose the dye on the hair, so that the color does not become too dark.

Step 2

If you decide to dye your color from a brunette to a blonde, then know in advance that a lot of difficulties await you. Dark hair is difficult to bleach, much less hair with strong natural pigments. Do not bleach your hair at home, so as not to put an end to your beautiful hair. It is better to do this procedure with a trusted hairdresser, who will certainly advise you to start turning into a blonde with frequent highlights. If you want to correct the results of unsuccessful hair lightening - remove yellowness and give your hair a natural shade - use ammonia-free dyes or tonics of such shades as pearl, sand. Yellowness is well neutralized by purple tint balms. Ashy shades can give greenery to bleached hair.

Step 3

To correct too dark hair color after dyeing, special washes will help. Although they are sold in specialized stores to everyone without restriction, it is still better to do the washing procedure in the salon, since you may need more than one application of the composition to your hair to wash off your color. The disadvantages of the wash are that it spoils the hair. An alternative to a chemical hair remover is homemade masks with oils (burdock, olive, vegetable, castor), which "pull" coloring pigments from the hair structure, gradually returning the hair to its natural color, as well as strength and beauty. This color correction method takes longer. Also, do not forget that the color of even persistent paint fades and rinses off over time, so perhaps you should not panic so much, but it is better to take it and wait until the paint is washed off of your hair.

Step 4

If you are still categorically not satisfied with the color of dyeing, you can try to give your hair a beautiful shade with the help of ammonia-free dyes, which are less aggressive, or with the help of tint shampoos. These products are quickly washed off, but they do not spoil hair as much as persistent dyes. After all, the main thing is the condition of the hair. Even if through long searches for color you finally find "your own", but at the same time your hair will look terrible - dry, lifeless, like straw, believe me, looking at yourself in the mirror will not give you any pleasure.

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