How To Cut Your Hair With A Hair Clipper

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How To Cut Your Hair With A Hair Clipper
How To Cut Your Hair With A Hair Clipper

Video: How To Cut Your Hair With A Hair Clipper

Video: How To Cut Your Hair With A Hair Clipper
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A men's model haircut in salons is quite expensive. Meanwhile, most men are not so whimsical in choosing a hairstyle. The main thing is to be neat. What can we say about the sons. Making a boy sit in a chair when an unfamiliar aunt buzzes and clicks something dangerously close to his ears is akin to a feat. In these cases, the best way out is to cut your men yourself at home using a household machine.

How to cut your hair with a clipper
How to cut your hair with a clipper

It is necessary

  • - hair clipper;
  • - sharp scissors;
  • - a comb with small teeth;
  • - thinning scissors for bangs;
  • - razor.


Step 1

Wash your hair, dry it and comb it well. Some clippers can cut wet hair, but most models will dull the knives very quickly from working with wet strands.

Step 2

Divide the head into four zones: occipital, inferioroccipital, parietal, and temporal.

Step 3

Attach the largest comb attachment to the clipper and start pre-trimming. Start work at the back of the head, then move to the temples and end at the parietal region.

Step 4

Move the clipper against the growth of the hair, slowly and smoothly. Do not be afraid to spend several times in the same place: the haircut will be more accurate. Comb thoroughly between hair aisles to remove cut hairs.

Step 5

After you have gone all the way through the head, change the attachment to a shorter one, for example, after a 12 mm comb, put on a 9 mm. Go through the occipital and temporal regions.

Step 6

When working around the ears, gently bend the auricle with your left hand. Since hair can grow back and forth in this area, you will have to walk the clipper several times in different directions.

Step 7

So that the border between hair of different lengths is not noticeable, press the machine more tightly to the head at the beginning of the occipital zone. When approaching the parietal zone, move your hand and increase the angle between the attachment and the scalp. Then the transition will be smooth.

Step 8

Install an even shorter extension, for example 6 mm. Go through the lower occipital and lower parts of the temporal zones again. Comb your hair in different directions.

Step 9

To create bangs, select the triangular area above the forehead. The closer the top point is to the crown, the thicker the bangs will be. From this point, draw straight parting to the temples.

Step 10

Pull up a lock of hair, measure the length, and trim it with scissors. This will be the control strand. Align and trim the rest of the hair with scissors along it. The bangs can be profiled if desired.

Step 11

Scissors handle the edges of the haircut, cut off the uneven hairs sticking out. Razor the neck and temples.