How To Get A Men's Haircut At Home

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How To Get A Men's Haircut At Home
How To Get A Men's Haircut At Home

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In order to cut your man's hair, you don't have to go to the hairdresser and leave a lot of money there. It is enough to get scissors, combs and a hair clipper. Now the hairstyle can be done at home, without a queue.

How to get a men's haircut at home
How to get a men's haircut at home

It is necessary

First you need to purchase all the necessary tools for a "small home hairdresser". This is a hair clipper (it is not at all necessary to buy a professional one), well-sharpened scissors, several combs (with rare and frequent teeth), a cape on the shoulders (you can make at home or take an ordinary sheet), a spray bottle and hair clips or hairpins


Step 1

If your "client" has short hair, then most haircuts can be done very simply - with a typewriter. The length of the hair can be changed depending on the attachment. Using the same machine, a person can be shaved baldly.

Step 2

The machine can also create popular patterns on the hair. But this is a slightly different level that requires some training and experience.

Step 3

In the event that your man has long or medium hair and he strongly disagrees with shortening it strongly, you will need to do with scissors.

Step 4

Long hair can be cut like this: First, the head is divided into zones: occipital, temporal and parietal. The hair is moistened with water from a spray bottle, leaving the back of the head, and the rest of the hair is pinned with hair clips. The hair from the selected area is gently combed, the upper strand is separated, clamped between the index and middle fingers of the left hand and pulled to the desired length. The hair is trimmed evenly about a centimeter under the toes. After that, they take a comb in their right hand, comb the cut strand together with a new one and clamp them together between the fingers. A new strand is cut along the line of the first. Similarly, the rest of the zones are cut in the following order: occipital, temporal, parietal.

Step 5

After the haircut is completed, you need to well shape its contours. So the hairstyle will have a complete look. There are two types of this design - edging and shading. Edging is the creation of the outline of the hair cut. The most common edging is oval, round, or trapezoidal. The fringes for the bangs are oblique, straight and asymmetrical.

Step 6

Shading is a smooth transition from long hair to short hair along the edge of their growth. It is best to shade with scissors and a comb. It looks like this: they take a comb in the left hand, scissors in the right hand. Smoothly and slowly move the comb, cutting off the hair protruding under it. The same is done later in the opposite direction.

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