Styling Methods, Types Of Haircuts For Unruly Hair

Styling Methods, Types Of Haircuts For Unruly Hair
Styling Methods, Types Of Haircuts For Unruly Hair

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Curly, thin, too coarse or just capricious hair sometimes give their owners a lot of inconvenience. Girls have to spend a lot of time every day in front of a mirror trying to give an elegant yet natural shape to their hair. However, there are a number of secrets that can help you cope with unruly hair.

Styling methods, types of haircuts for unruly hair
Styling methods, types of haircuts for unruly hair

How to care for unruly hair and how to style it

First of all, it is worthwhile to find out the cause of unruly hair - often it lies in improper care: frequent shampooing, washing with hot water, using an unsuitable hair wash, frequent or improper use of hair styling devices, etc.

Owners of thin hair should not be exposed to high temperatures: wash with too hot water, it is imperative to use thermal protective agents before using styling devices.

For girls with thin hair, when washing their hair, use a conditioner balm, and during styling - a foam with a medium level of fixation. Applying these hair care products will help keep your hair healthy and manageable.

Thin hair can be given volume by blow-drying. Before starting the procedure, you need to apply mousse or gel to the roots of wet hair, then dry with a flat brush, slightly tilting your head, combing the hair against their growth. Avoid using styling products that add shine, as they will make your hair greasy.

Those with coarse or heavy hair should not wash their hair often. It is optimal to carry out this procedure once every three days. For coarse hair, you should use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, and it is better to style your hair with a curler, curling iron or iron, before applying an alcohol-free styling product to it.

To soften coarse hair, you can apply burdock oil on it before washing, and then rinse it with chamomile decoction. Drying coarse hair with a hairdryer is not worth it, but if a hairdryer is used, then it should have a concentrator attachment.

When styling coarse hair with curlers, it is better to leave it smooth at the roots, and wind only the ends.

Curly, curly hair also needs special care. Owners of such hair for shampooing should choose shampoos and conditioners with panthenol, protein or seaweed, and use restorative masks. If curly hair is styled with a hairdryer or iron, it is necessary to use protective and styling products for light fixation.

Those with curls should not use volumizing shampoos or conditioners. Hair masks should be done once or twice a week. It is good to use homemade masks, such as a mixture of banana, olive oil and sour cream.

A hairdryer with a diffuser is suitable for styling curly hair. Before using it, you need to apply a styling product along the entire length of the hair, and during the drying process, you need to direct a stream of air from the roots to the ends.

Haircuts for unmanageable hair

For girls with thin hair, short haircuts are ideal, combed forward and in a side parting. On thin hair, bob or ladder haircuts with dangling ends also look good.

For owners of coarse hair, a cascading haircut or a haircut in layers with bangs combed to the side is suitable. A square with straight bangs also looks impressive on coarse hair.

Cascading haircuts work well for curly hair. Bob or bob haircuts will also look great.

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