Weaving Braids For Short Hair

Weaving Braids For Short Hair
Weaving Braids For Short Hair

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A braid on short hair accentuates the facial features. Therefore, you need to braid it skillfully. One of the main conditions is creativity. You can combine braiding with wavy hair, ribbons and other decorations.

Weaving braids for short hair
Weaving braids for short hair

Although braids for short hair are not very popular, they still give their owner femininity and charm. In order to braid the braid, the hair should be at least shoulder-length.

French braids are so popular today that they are combined with a romantic, business and even sporty style. Of course, on short hair, it is difficult to grab the braids and hold them in place. Therefore, a "waterfall" version of the French braid is suitable. First, comb your hair well and apply styling product to it. Next, separate the wide strand at the temple and divide it into three parts. Start to weave a regular braid. When, after a couple of links, the top strand is at the bottom, leave it there. This will be the first trickle of the waterfall.

Take a new strand from the total mass of hair below and continue braiding. When the top strand is at the bottom, drop it again. So, continue weaving to the opposite temple. Secure the end of the braid with a hairpin, elastic band, invisible. You can put a beautiful hairpin on this place. The main thing is that the braid does not disintegrate. If you want to make your hairstyle even more original, braid the "waterfall" not horizontally, but diagonally. Finally, secure your hair with an elastic band.

In ancient times, it was believed that the scythe is able to protect from evil spirits and various negative external influences.

When the braiding is complete, curl the falling strands with a curling iron. The larger and more voluminous the curls, the more romantic the hairstyle will be. "Waterfall" can be worn both on a regular day and on a holiday. You are guaranteed admiring glances. The hairstyle looks great with highlights or toning. Such hair accentuates the curl of the braid and visually increases volume.

If the strands are long enough, braid a hoop or headband around the forehead using the French braid technique. If you don't have enough length, you can use faux strands on bobby pins, elastic bands, or combs.

African braids look great on short hair. Such braids emphasize the oval of the face, so it should be perfect. African braids can be braided on very short hair (10 cm from the roots). Part your hair in a paring from the forehead. Then divide the left and right parts into several more equal zones of 3-4 cm each. Divide each zone into three strands and weave the pigtail in the direction from the forehead to the crown and down. Braid your hair all the way down. To avoid accidentally grabbing strands from other zones, stab them with crabs.

If you have fine hair, do more than one braid. So the hairstyle looks more interesting and spectacular.

For African braids, you can choose different types of weaving. For example, for fine hair, braid the cords in two strands. And if your hair is thick, weave complex braids with 4, 5 or more strands. Braid your hair as tightly as possible. This way the hairstyle will last longer. Braids can be located not only straight, but also in a circle, diagonally, snake, and so on. If your hair isn't working well during braiding, just moisturize it. When braiding African braids, you can experiment with colored strands, threads and ribbons.

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