How To Braid A Spikelet For Yourself

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How To Braid A Spikelet For Yourself
How To Braid A Spikelet For Yourself

Video: How To Braid A Spikelet For Yourself

Video: How To Braid A Spikelet For Yourself
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Hairstyles with braids add elegance and well-groomed to the image of the girl. It seems that such beauty can only be created in the salon, although it is not at all difficult to braid a stylish "spikelet" braid for oneself.


"Spikelet" is one of the varieties of the popular French braid. This simple weaving looks very elegant and stylish, but there are nuances, without the knowledge of which it will not work to braid oneself a "spikelet".

Classic "spikelet"

On the basis of this weaving, fashionable braids of various types are braided, the main thing is to understand the principle and learn how to select even strands.

Before starting, the hair must be combed and slightly dampened. Apply mousse or styling foam, especially if the hair is not very long.

  • Smoothly comb all hair back and highlight the central strand at the crown. Divide it into three parts.
  • Move the strand that is in the left hand to the center, while changing it with the middle strand.
  • Place the strand on the right side between the other two.
  • Continue to weave the braid according to the pattern, each time grabbing additional thin strands on the left and right sides. It is necessary to capture the same amount of hair, otherwise the "spikelet" will come out one-sided.
  • Continue braiding until all the side hairs have been added to the braid. When you run out of hair, secure the hair with an elastic band. Decorate with a stylish hairpin or mask the tip of the braid with invisible braids.

Experienced craftsmen advise to use not the handle of the comb, but the little finger to capture new curls, so it is easier to separate even strands.

Spikelet in reverse

This technique allows you to create a voluminous braid suitable for going to a party or walking in the park. It differs from the traditional "spikelet" in that the strands do not intersect outside, but inside, under the scythe.

  • Comb hair, apply styling product.
  • Select the center strand of hair and separate it like in a regular spikelet.
  • Take the left strand and stretch it under the remaining two. Repeat this movement for the right one, stretching it under the left and center strands.
  • Continue to weave like this, each time grabbing a little hair from the sides.
  • Weave to the beginning of the back of the head and continue with a three-row braid. To add volume and slight negligence to the hairstyle, you can stretch the strands a little in different directions.

Spikelet on its side

Having learned the classic weaving technique, you can make an interesting hairstyle with a braid, braided to the side. Best of all, this "spikelet" is obtained on smooth hair of even length. If there are bangs, its strands are also woven into the braid, noticeably changing the appearance.

  • Comb the hair in a side parting.
  • Start weaving "spikelet in reverse", with an additional strand taken from the selected side of the parting.
  • Continue until there is no hair left on the working side.
  • Connect the strands remaining on the other side with the resulting braid and secure with an elastic band or hair clip. If desired, continue to weave a regular braid, including unused strands in it.

You will have to practice, because weaving braids for another person is much easier than doing such a hairstyle for yourself. But the result and the admiring looks will be a good reward for the complexity.