How To Make Ombre Hair

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How To Make Ombre Hair
How To Make Ombre Hair

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Ombre is a gradient hair color, in which the ends of the hair should be several tones lighter than the roots. It is important that the transition from one color to another is smooth and smooth. You can make an ombre on your hair both in the salon and at home.

How to make ombre hair
How to make ombre hair

It is necessary

  • - Hairbrush;
  • - gloves;
  • - hair clarifier;
  • - paint;
  • - brush or toothbrush;
  • - mirror;
  • - shampoo;
  • - towel


Step 1

Determine where the color transition will begin. Build on the fact that the lower the transition starts, the more natural it will look. The classic is the transition starting from the level of the chin.

Step 2

Comb your hair thoroughly before dyeing your hair using the ombre technique. Around the place where the ombre will begin, do a light bouffant. This step will make the transition less abrupt.

Step 3

Divide them into 8 equal strands. If your hair is thick, then you can increase the number of strands. Secure each curl with an elastic band or hair clip.

Step 4

Wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Wear gloves on your hands to protect your skin from paint.

Step 5

Prepare your paint. You can use bleach or hair clarifier. Then the effect will be much brighter. But the dye affects the hair structure in a more gentle way.

Step 6

Gently brush on the bleach starting from the ends of the hair. Paint over each strand thoroughly. Take your time. Color your hair in small patches, applying the color evenly. Check with a mirror if all the hair that was planned to be lightened is dyed.

Step 7

Let the hair bleach absorb. On the packaging, the manufacturer indicates the time required for painting. Typically, this can take 10 to 20 minutes depending on the desired result. But do not overexpose the paint, otherwise you can permanently ruin your hair.

Step 8

To test the result, take a small section of hair and rinse it with water. If the resulting shade suits you, then start rinsing off all the dye from your hair without removing your gloves from your hands. Rinse each section thoroughly with warm water. Then wash your hair with shampoo. It is desirable if it is sulfate-free.

Step 9

Dry your hair naturally. It is undesirable to use a hair dryer. Hair and so on this day received a heavy load. It is not necessary to influence them also by heat treatment.

Step 10

Divide the hair into strands again, having previously combed them.

Step 11

Put on your gloves and prepare your paint. Usually, the manufacturer puts several bottles in the packaging, which must be mixed before staining.

Step 12

Apply the color with a brush to the previously lightened areas of the hair. Also paint over the areas a little higher.

Step 13

Apply a second, thicker coat of color to the ends of your hair. With the reverse ombre, all actions are done in the opposite direction.

Step 14

Check if all areas are dyed and leave the dye on the hair for the time indicated by the manufacturer.

Step 15

After the specified time, rinse the hair dye well with warm water. Apply shampoo to hair and wash thoroughly. Then apply conditioner to the strands and leave it in for 5 minutes, then rinse. Dry your hair well.

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