A Few Tips On How To Iron Curls

A Few Tips On How To Iron Curls
A Few Tips On How To Iron Curls

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Fashion is fickle. In one era it was fashionable to wear lush wigs, in another - to do short haircuts, some time ago it was believed that straight hair is great and very relevant, and now ladies curl curls and create lush curls with various improvised means.

A few tips on how to iron curls
A few tips on how to iron curls

Warm up your iron. Stand in front of a mirror and use a comb to separate a section of hair (if you are uncomfortable using a comb, you can separate the strands with your fingers). Squeeze a small thin strand (about 5 cm wide) with an iron in the middle, rotate it 360 degrees so that the strand wraps around the tongs. Keep the tongs parallel to the floor and slowly lower them down.

When the tongs have reached the end of the strand, release the loop from the hair. You will see that a wonderful wide curl has appeared in place of the strand. In this way, make the right amount of curls all over the head. At the end, lift the hair above the forehead and secure it with varnish, so the hairstyle will look more expressive.

Before using the flat iron, apply a special protective agent for heat treated hair.

If you want to cover the entire head with curls, then lift the hair at the top of the head and secure it at the back of the head with a hair clip. Start curling from the bottom of your hair and only then tackle the hair from the top of your head. This will increase the volume of your hairstyle and more thoroughly work out each section of the head. Perhaps, to create lush curly hair, you will need an assistant, because Curling your hair at the back of your head on your own can be problematic.

Before curling each new strand, be sure to step back from the parting of 5-8 centimeters (if you need more).

Curls with an iron can be done in another way. Wash your hair. Dry a little, it is important that the hair remains damp. Separate the strands, weave them into pigtails. The braids should be fairly thick (about 3 cm wide). Cover the entire head with pigtails (in total, you can get from 7 to 12 braids). Cover each braid with the fixing gel. Wait for it to absorb a little and dry.

Warm up your iron. Warm up each braid, gradually pressing it with tongs from base to tip. Unbraid the braids one by one. You will see that you have neat curls. The end result will depend on the natural characteristics of your hair. Thin hair curls stronger, thicker hair less, but hair will still curl along its entire length, resembling natural curly hair.

Method three. Wash your hair, dry it. Apply a special protective agent to your hair before curling. Take a long pencil, separate one strand and wrap it around the pencil. While holding the strand on the pencil, begin to warm the hair from the base to the ends, pressing with tongs every 5-10 cm. Walk with tongs in both directions. In the course of such a curl, the curls will turn out to be very small. Making curls in the front of your head will not be a problem, you can do it yourself. In order to curl the hair at the back of your head, you will definitely need an assistant.

With this method of curling, you need to be careful about the ends of the hair. Do not leave them straight - it may look ugly, so try to wind the strand onto the pencil until the very end. Press the tongs with equal force along the entire length of the strand.

It is not recommended to comb the curls obtained by the first method (they can simply disintegrate). Those who use the second and third methods will have the opportunity to comb the resulting curls. This will make your hair look extra voluminous and fluffy. Do not forget to style your hair after combing, secure it with invisible ones. Use hairspray if needed.

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