A Square On A Leg: Technology And Hairstyle Features

A Square On A Leg: Technology And Hairstyle Features
A Square On A Leg: Technology And Hairstyle Features

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Hairstyle "square on a leg" does not lose its relevance for several years. The haircut is versatile, as it suits any face shape. Gives the image style, well-groomed look and elegance.

A square on a leg: technology and hairstyle features
A square on a leg: technology and hairstyle features

"A square on a leg" - as a kind of a classic square - has come into fashion relatively recently. It blends harmoniously with any type of face and looks spectacular on all types of hair. But all the charm of such a hairstyle can only be conveyed by soft straight hair of dark shades. At the same time, it is undesirable for the hair to be thin - after all, volume is needed for any type of square.

The graduation goes well with the oval type of face, it successfully softens the contours of the rectangular one. If the face is triangular, you can choose a graduated "square on a leg" with thick straight bangs.

The main feature of the bob-legged haircut is that its length at the back is equal to the level of the chin, and the strands near the face are elongated, i.e. are below the level of the chin. The back haircut itself is short with graduation elements, which gives the back of the hair volume, and makes the neck line smooth, visually lengthening it. The length of the front strands is chosen independently. It will not be superfluous to remind you that such a haircut needs daily styling.

The "Bob on a leg" haircut is not recommended for women with coarse, thick hair or large head parameters. In such cases, the hair will be difficult to style, and the head will look even more voluminous. Overweight women should be especially careful when choosing this type of "square". A short haircut will visually round the face and enlarge the cheeks.

This haircut should preferably be done on clean and moist hair. First, you need to comb your hair and divide it into four zones at the back, separating them with clips. Then the edging of the desired shape of the hairstyle and its length is made, then a haircut is performed along the vertical partings - graduation.

So, the haircut should start from the bottom of the back of the head. Clips are removed from the back of the head, and the hair is well combed and divided by a horizontal parting into two equal parts. The top is clamped again.

Further, the hair of the lower part of the back of the head is trimmed and cut with a toe - a tick. Then it is worth processing with milled scissors. The hair of the upper part of the back of the head should be cut through a small step of 3-4 cm, at a smooth angle of 45 degrees. If desired, the step can be made higher. Then the graduation is carried out, due to which the so-called "leg" is obtained. Further, having removed the upper clamps, it is necessary to draw up the main - the lower line of the square. After that, the hair must be well combed and checked for evenness and symmetry of the lines. The further cutting process takes place according to the scheme of the classic square.

Many stylists, performing a "square on a leg", recommend a basic length - not lower than the middle of the ear, believing that this type of square allows you to look stylish, brightly not beaten and does not require special expenses for styling and maintenance.

Before making a bang, you first need to decide on its shape and size. Long oblique bangs are in fashion now. At the final stage, the entire haircut and bangs must be profiled. The haircut is ready! The graduated "square on a leg" was appreciated by such stars as Keira Knightley, Victoria Beckham and others.

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