Long Hair Fantasies: Original Hairstyles And Styling At Home

Long Hair Fantasies: Original Hairstyles And Styling At Home
Long Hair Fantasies: Original Hairstyles And Styling At Home

Video: Long Hair Fantasies: Original Hairstyles And Styling At Home

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Long hair can be styled romantic and feminine. In the course of creating hairstyles, actively use invisible hairpins, hairpins, hairpins and elastic bands. Set aside enough time to work with long hair. Never rush your hair.

Long hair fantasies: original hairstyles and styling at home
Long hair fantasies: original hairstyles and styling at home

Style only on washed hair. Trim split ends in time, as they are always very visible in hairstyles.

Braids are a real decoration for long hair. Use them actively in your hairstyles. For example, make a headband out of braids. To do this, braid thin pigtails on the right and left side of the head. Throw the braids over your forehead and secure them firmly with invisibility. You will get an original headband.

You can braid a thick braid around the perimeter of your head. Start braiding at the right temple and work your way up. In the process, make sub-strands alternately on both sides. The braid should run close to the forehead and drop down to the left temple. In the place where the braid ends, attach a beautiful decoration: a flower, a hairpin.

Nowadays, voluminous hairstyles are in vogue: this applies to both free styling and braids.

One of the most popular hairstyles for long hair is comb. Comb the entire head of hair back. Raise the strands at the crown, comb them with a small comb. In order for the pile to be higher, twist several strands into bundles, lay them and stab them with invisible ones. Lower the combed hair over the flagella. With the help of invisible strands, pin off the strands at the back. Divide the remaining hair into a parted part and braid two braids. Flip the braids in front and secure them with invisible ones. If there are bangs, the braids should lie exactly at the base of the bangs.

The ponytail with a pile is popular. To create it, make a bouffant, and then collect your hair in a ponytail.

If you need to remove your hair so that it does not get in the way, make a bun. To do this, first collect your hair in a tight ponytail. Then wrap the tail in a tourniquet and wrap it around to form a bump. Pin it with hairpins, and put on a hair tie on top. You can first weave a regular braid from the tail, and then wrap it around the elastic. Such a bump will look more festive.

A beautiful and voluminous bump can be made using donat. First, make a ponytail too. Then thread your hair through the hole in the donut and position it at the base of the ponytail. Spread your hair evenly over the donut. Put on a thin elastic band on top. Tuck the ends of your hair inward. Donut can be easily made from a regular sock. To do this, cut off the heel and roll the toe several times to create a bun.

Donut is a round bun for creating hairstyles. It has a soft structure and a hair hole in the center.

To keep the hair out of the way, you can pull it back and make a wave. To do this, twist the hair from the back into a tourniquet and pull it up. Now pin up your hair with a crab. You can use hairpins. Then the ends of the hair need to be hidden under the formed bump.

To decorate a regular ponytail, wrap it with a strand of your own hair. To do this, pull the strand out of the tail and wrap it several times around the elastic. Fix the strand with invisibility so that it is not noticeable.

Curls look great on long hair. The combination of wavy and elongated hair at the roots is now fashionable. Create curls with a curler or curling iron. Pre-select your hairstyle: glossy waves or tousled curls. In the first case, the curls must be flawless: fix them with wax. If the hairstyle is sloppy, just run your fingers into the curls and fluff them up.

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