Hair Coloring Trends And News In

Hair Coloring Trends And News In
Hair Coloring Trends And News In

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Changing hair color will be an excellent solution for those who decide to change their bored look. Today specialists can offer a wide range of services in this area.

Hair coloring trends and novelties in 2019
Hair coloring trends and novelties in 2019

Hair coloring as a way to change the image or a radical change in appearance is quite often used by the fair sex of all ages.

Hairdressers and stylists are constantly improving, coming up with new shades, methods and dyeing techniques. In the new season, there has been a return to natural shades. Simple classic trends, it would seem, cannot attract the attention of a spoiled and demanding audience, but only at first glance. Today it is important to consider not only the color, but also the dyeing technique.

In the new season, with light coloration, experts recommend paying attention to wheat shades and ultrablond, but avoiding the appearance of yellowness. Natural gray hair has gone out of trend directions, today a monochromatic technique with a silver color is relevant. A fashionable color scheme will be peach and cream shades, made using the baby-blond technique. Another trend in 2019 is booking. This is a transition from a darker shade to blond.

Bright luscious red hair gave way to natural color with a caramel shade. The ideal option would be a mixture of red and light brown, this will give the hair a ginger tint. Colorists recommend paying attention to metallic shades. Today, copper and bronze are in trend in the technique of monochromatic staining or with the effect of faded ends.

The hit of this season for brunettes and for those who want to experiment has become a mix of natural chestnut with lilac shades. The color of a black wing with a purple sheen also takes the first lines in the tops of stylists.

But if repainting in black does not seem like an extreme enough way to change the image, then stylists are ready to please with unusual novelties. In 2019, using a stencil, you can create absolutely any pattern on your hair. The chosen or invented print can be applied in any color and on any part of the head or strands.

Lovers of not only biscuits and pastries, but also coloristic "desserts" are now called sweet-tooth. This trend line offers coloring in chocolate-cherry color "Drunk cherry", "Coffee-glace", cinnamon. Again, this is not about color as such, but about a technique characterized by a combination of shades.

One of the most spectacular looks in 2019 is rainbow coloration. To create it, colorists paint the roots in unusual colors, choosing one of the natural colors as the main one.

Considering that the main trend in 2019 is that the color should be as close to natural as possible, experts have something to offer to lovers of bright and unusual shades and combinations.

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