Which Hairstyles Are Young And Which Are Old

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Which Hairstyles Are Young And Which Are Old
Which Hairstyles Are Young And Which Are Old

Video: Which Hairstyles Are Young And Which Are Old

Video: Which Hairstyles Are Young And Which Are Old
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There are hairstyles that can add a few years even to a very young girl and, on the contrary, haircuts that have a clear "youthful" effect.

Hairstyles that "make you young"

Bob haircut. A popular haircut with short strands at the back of the head and longer ones at the face. There are several options for such a hairstyle, it is good because it never loses its relevance and softens the contours of the face. Especially the "bob" is chubby.

Caret. A classic haircut that has no age restrictions and adds elegance and sophistication to the image. More suitable for owners of straight hair, but there are options for women with curls.

Pixie. A playful haircut, which is characterized by short strands on the sides and elongated at the back of the head. Suitable for owners of an elongated face. A nice bonus - this hairstyle allows for some disheveledness, so you don't have to bother with the curl too much.

Hair styled with the ends out. This hairstyle makes the face softer and more open, and the hair looks more advantageous and "lively" than when it just hangs down like "icicles" on the sides.

Bangs on one side. Opens up the face, makes it fresh. In this case, the hair on the sides can be slightly curled with large curls.

The ponytail is combined with a small volume at the crown. Highly sleek, as well as overly voluminous hairstyles age, but if you find a balance, it will turn out very stylishly and in a youthful way.

Light tone. Black hair color usually "adds" several years, and, on the contrary, lightening the hair for a couple of tones, you can divert attention from some imperfections of the face and make the image more cheerful.


Hairstyles that "age"

Babette and other hairstyles in the style of "dudes". Especially if they are executed flawlessly, which is called "hair to hair". The lack of slight negligence can easily add several years to you.

Straight strands that frame the face. In combination with a parted part, they can emphasize all the shortcomings and not only give out age, but also throw on a couple more years. Try to add airiness to your hair by tucking the ends of your hair in or out.

Too "sleek" bunch. This hairstyle can draw attention to every wrinkle, so don't comb the ears too much back - let a few naughty strands pop out to soften the look.

Backbrushes. In general, it is better to leave any voluminous hairstyles for an evening out - they are not suitable for daily “socks”, unless, of course, you want to look like a school head teacher from the 90s.

"Heavy" bangs. More appropriate for young girls, but if you are well over thirty, then such a hairstyle, which can "weigh down" the face, will add age. This does not mean that you need to give up your bangs for good, the main thing is that it should not be too thick.

Torn strands. Another hairstyle that many people wear in their youth, but with age can emphasize facial imperfections.

Cascade combined with highlighting. A real hit of the early 2000s, but popular doesn't mean good. It is in combination with selective lightening that cascading strands age almost any woman.

Spit. The braid itself is beautiful, but after forty it can look somewhat inappropriate, turning an ageless woman into a “granny”.

Black staining. Hair color that is too dark adds age, especially if you are not naturally brunette.