Popular And Stylish Brushed Hairstyles For Long Hair

Popular And Stylish Brushed Hairstyles For Long Hair
Popular And Stylish Brushed Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Backbrush is one of the simplest and most effective hairstyles for long hair. Despite the fact that many of the fair sex do not like bouffants, citing their unnaturalness, however, the correct technique and infrequent use will sometimes allow you to change your style without harming your hair.

Popular and stylish brushed hairstyles for long hair
Popular and stylish brushed hairstyles for long hair

Most girls are worried about the problem that a spectacular and high pile begins to fall over time and does not last long. On short to medium hair, the bouffant will certainly be easier to do and will last longer. The latter will take a little longer to tinker with. But still, the main reason lies not in the length of the hair, but in the inability to do it correctly.

Wash your hair thoroughly before combing. Allow your hair to dry with a hair dryer or naturally before starting your hairstyle.

For high brushes, choose a comb with fine, blunt teeth. If you only need a comb to secure the base of your hairstyle, then take a comb with close and sharp teeth. Use a comb with wide, long teeth to add volume to your hair. A long-handled comb is a great option as it will make it easier to separate your hair into layers.

So, after you've dried your hair, comb it well. Then separate the top layer 2-2.5 cm thick. This layer does not need to be combed, it will cover the fleece and give the styling a natural look.

Next, take each separated strand separately and start combing it, directing the comb from the bottom up, from the ends to the roots. Move very smoothly and carefully. If you make sudden movements, you will not only ruin your hair, but also damage your hair enough.

When mentioning how to comb your hair correctly, you should pay attention to the main mistake that most girls make. This mistake consists in trying to comb the hair all the way down at once. Should not be doing that. It is important to approach the roots gradually - first we combed one section of hair, then moved on to the next, rising higher and higher.

If you have long and thick hair, then you don't have to comb all the strands, just a few curls on the top of your head will be enough. To prevent the hairstyle from settling in a short period of time, fix each combed strand with varnish. After combing all the strands, take a natural bristle comb or, if you don't have one, a regular massage.

Comb your hair gently back, just don't comb it, otherwise the whole hairstyle will ruin. It is important to give the desired shape to your hairstyle. Cover the finished bouffant with the intact top strands. If you prefer natural hairstyles, do not use an extra strong hold nail polish.

If you want to include bangs in your hairstyle, then you should not do the bouffant on it. It can be simply screwed onto curlers, giving a beautiful volume.

You can also tie your hair into a nice ponytail. This hairstyle will beautify any special occasion. However, before doing such a bouffant, smoothly, combing your hair with your fingers, collect your hair in a ponytail. Choose the height and location of the tail yourself. Secure your hair with a beautiful elastic band or hairpins. To make the hairstyle look more festive, wind the strands of the ponytail on the curlers.

It is not that difficult to create a beautiful brushed hairstyle. The main thing is to do it carefully so as not to ruin your hair, especially if your hair is already damaged by various styling and hair products.

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