What Colors Go To Blonde Hair

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What Colors Go To Blonde Hair
What Colors Go To Blonde Hair
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It is necessary to select the colors of clothes, accessories, makeup and manicure in accordance with the skin tone. Hair color is also of particular importance. Many people believe that absolutely all colors are suitable for fair-haired people, but this is far from the case. Choosing an unsuccessful shade is a direct step towards disharmony in the image.

What colors go to blonde hair
What colors go to blonde hair

It is necessary to choose clothes or accessories according to the type of appearance in order to emphasize your merits. For blondes and fair-haired women, this is, of course, the color of the curls. Girls with blonde hair can opt for versatile colors that look good on both brunettes and blondes. These include, as you might guess, black, white and gray.

Lucky colors for fair-haired

For blondes and fair-haired with blue, gray or green eyes, green, some shades of gray, blue with blue, purple colors are optimal. With dark skin, fair-haired people can choose bright colors that will favorably set off tanned skin, emphasize its contrast with the color of curls.

A suitable option for people with blond hair would be safari shades. It is olive, beige, brown and also creamy. In order not to lose individuality, preferring such pastel shades, it is necessary to rely on complex details of outfits and accessories, as well as dilute safari shades with black, gray or white.

For blondes with any eye color, deep blue, hot pink and red are suitable. But the multifaceted color of the fire must be selected based on the skin tone. For dark-skinned, burgundy, saturated scarlet, orange will be a winning option, and for girls with pale skin - light shades of red.

What colors should blondes wear?

Avoid fair-haired ladies is yellow, bright orange and bright green, dark purple. They are unsuccessfully combined with blond hair.

Turquoise, vanilla, mint, champagne, coral, peach and other delicate shades always look beautiful on blondes and fair-haired women. Silver and golden, platinum colors will also help to emphasize hair color. These expensive shades are the key to success at a party, gala event, candlelight dinner.

When choosing clothes, shoes or accessories, do not forget that blonde hair is a broad concept that includes many color nuances. Therefore, any recommendations of stylists regarding colors suitable for blondes and fair-haired girls are general. So you don't need to be afraid to experiment, the search for the right shades will definitely lead you to the desired result. This rule also applies to makeup, manicure and pedicure.

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