How To Get Chocolate Hair Color

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How To Get Chocolate Hair Color
How To Get Chocolate Hair Color

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If you decide it's time to change your look, you can try experimenting with your hair color. The dream of many is a beautiful chocolate shade. Is it possible to get such a color without visiting a hairdresser?

How to get chocolate hair color
How to get chocolate hair color


Step 1

Achieving a pleasant chocolate hair color for the first time can be difficult, especially for those with dark hair. If you have any doubts about the success of trying to get the desired shade, contact the professionals. After all, no paint can guarantee that your hair color will be exactly the same as that of the model shown on the box. Moreover, the chocolate color has many varieties.

Step 2

Think about which shade of chocolate will suit your look. If you have naturally blonde hair, then you can achieve the color you want the first time - from warm milky to cold bitter. Chocolate color is ideal for a girl with dark skin and greenish or brown eyes, but remember that makeup must be bright, otherwise the face will look pale and expressionless. If you are naturally brunette, it is possible that your hair will simply become darker, and you will not be able to achieve subtle shades.

Step 3

Choose your hair dye carefully. After all, the success of your idea depends on the chosen tool. If you want to get a pure color without red and fiery shades, choose a paint that is mainly cold tones of dark or dark chocolate. For example, use Palette XXL 89 Dark Chocolate or you can use Schwarzkopf Essential Color Dark Chocolate 270.

Step 4

If you prefer the color of milk chocolate, Garnier Nutrisse Chocolate Caramel 535 is a possible choice. The soft color is very suitable for young brown-eyed girls. You can also use L'Oreal Chocolate Casting Creme Gloss 535.

Step 5

Whichever paint you choose, strictly follow the instructions. Of course, only clean hair should be dyed. Chocolate color will only look good on healthy, shiny and moisturized hair.

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