How To Remove Tint From Hair

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How To Remove Tint From Hair
How To Remove Tint From Hair

Video: How To Remove Tint From Hair

Video: How To Remove Tint From Hair
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Hair tinting is coloring with unstable dyes or light tint agents. This method of coloring is attractive to many women, as it allows you to try different options and decide on the right color. The tinting is quickly washed off, but in some cases it is necessary to get rid of it immediately.

How to remove tint from hair
How to remove tint from hair

It is necessary

  • shampoo;
  • laundry soap;
  • sea salt;
  • means for removing tinting;
  • Burr oil.


Step 1

As a rule, conventional tint products are washed off with shampoo. Wash your hair well and thoroughly, applying it several times to your hair. But some tints are more persistent. Try laundry soap - lather your hair with it and leave it on for a while. Rinse off the soap and shampoo your hair. This procedure can be repeated several times in a row. After the first time, the hair color will become duller and gradually wash off completely. Also, sea water washes off tint well. Buy sea salt and dissolve in water, wash your hair.

Step 2

If soap and shampoo do not work, buy special cleaners available from beauty or specialty hairdressing stores. Follow the directions on the package to remove the tint.

Step 3

Make a burdock oil hair mask, apply and wrap with a towel. You can buy special masks based on this oil, or you can simply apply regular warmed oil to your hair. Leave it on for a couple of hours and then wash off with plenty of water. Shampoo your hair. If one such procedure does not help, repeat it every day before washing your hair. Burdock oil will not harm - it has a healing effect, strengthens the hair and makes it obedient. Instead, you can use flaxseed oil - it also heals the hair and makes it soft.

Step 4

If the above methods do not work, go to the hairdresser. They can decorate you there. But keep in mind that some colors and tinting - for example, black or red - are difficult to wash off, and sometimes the condition of the hair does not allow such a procedure. The master will definitely tell you about this and recommend, if necessary, refrain from restoring your original color. In this case, listen to a professional, otherwise you may lose or ruin your hair.