How To Style Your Hair

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How To Style Your Hair
How To Style Your Hair

Video: How To Style Your Hair

Video: How To Style Your Hair
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A modern woman goes through a process such as hair styling every day. It is not necessary to resort to the services of a hairdresser or stylist to make your hair look stylish and well-groomed. Excellent results can be achieved independently and at home.

How to style your hair
How to style your hair

It is necessary

Styling foam, hair dryer, special styling comb, hair spray


Step 1

Wash your hair in your usual way. Styling is best done on clean hair.

Step 2

Comb through slightly damp hair. Do this very carefully so as not to damage the hair structure, as wet hair is extremely sensitive.

Step 3

Apply a styling lather to your hair. It is better to apply the foam along the entire length. Use a comb to distribute the styling product evenly.

Step 4

Leave the lower strands, and collect the rest of the hair in a bun so that they do not interfere with you. Roll the strands onto a styling comb and blow dry. When you have styled the lower strands, release the next, and so gradually move upward until there are no unstyled hairs.

Step 5

Fix the result with hairspray. It is necessary for your hairstyle to last as long as possible.