How To Make Porous Hair Smooth

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How To Make Porous Hair Smooth
How To Make Porous Hair Smooth

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Owners of porous hair know well how difficult it is to give this type of curls a neat and healthy look. Expensive treatments and luxury hair cosmetics often only provide temporary smoothness. However, it is still possible to solve the problem of porous hair and maintain the result for a long time. For this, it is necessary to approach the issue comprehensively.

How to make porous hair smooth
How to make porous hair smooth

Porosity of hair with improper care. Also, a porous hair type can be a genetic inheritance, that is, a natural type of healthy hair.

This type of hair is characterized by: dullness and lifelessness, lack of elasticity, dryness, especially at the ends. This is due to the scales loosely adhering to the hair shaft. Natural keratin is washed out through them. Due to the open structure, porous hair is easier to color, the pigment falls on them faster and brighter. However, it is also quickly washed out of the hair, so this porous hair quality cannot be considered an advantage.

The primary task for solving the problem is to create conditions under which the hair scales will adhere tightly to the trunk and not "open up" under the influence of moisture, high ambient temperature and a host of other factors.


Owners of porous hair should remember that caring for their curls requires special care.

First of all, you should pay serious attention to shampoos. Porous hair does not react well to aggressive components, especially sulfates, which are contained in most shampoos. The best option is to wash your hair with sulfate-free products or baby shampoos. However, at least once a week, you should still rinse the clogged hair cuticle with a deep cleansing shampoo. This removes the accumulating silicones from the hair structure, which are contained in styling products and leave-in balms. Despite the fact that products with silicones give the appearance of smoothness, the accumulation of these substances in the hair structure inevitably leads to brittleness and dryness at the ends.

After shampooing, it is recommended to rinse your hair with cold water. This contrasting procedure allows you to close the hair scales.

For leave-in balms, sprays and fluids, oil-based formulations are optimal for porous hair. They need to be used carefully so as not to weigh down the hairstyle, and it is advisable not to apply them at the roots, so as not to create the effect of an unwashed head.

Folk recipes

In addition to daily care, porous hair needs regular masks. To "seal" the hair structure, gelatin-based masks are often used. To prepare one portion of the product, you will need a bag of instant gelatin and a glass of cold water. The substance must be placed in water and let it brew for half an hour. During this time, the gelatinous granules will swell.

The resulting composition is melted in a water bath. A small amount of any hair balm is added to the water and, after mixing, the composition is applied to the hair.

It is best to wrap your head in a plastic cap. The gelatinous mask is washed off after half an hour. This mask can be applied once every two weeks.

In addition, porous hair responds well to masks based on various oils: burdock, olive, coconut, macadamia.

Professional treatments

Salon treatments for porous hair are an affordable, but often expensive, way to quickly and permanently smooth hair. Such procedures include hair keratinization.

This salon procedure has several varieties. Thus, keratan straightening, Brazilian keratinization and Asian keratinization combine the use of formulations containing keratin granules.After deep cleaning of the hair with a special shampoo, the keratin-enriched composition is literally sealed into the hair structure under the influence of high temperature, tightly sealing the scales. And as a result - smoothness and silkiness of hair for a period of several months.

A similar result is given by the hair lamination procedure, which is carried out according to a similar scheme, but with a different component composition. Lamination creates a "breathable" dense shell of each hair, which allows the use of medical masks and conditioners, as well as, as an additional effect, thickens the hair structure.

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