How To Straighten Your Hair Without Damaging It

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How To Straighten Your Hair Without Damaging It
How To Straighten Your Hair Without Damaging It

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Most hair straighteners are highly damaging. But there are other straightening methods that not only smooth curly and wavy hair, but also make it healthier.

How to straighten your hair without damaging it
How to straighten your hair without damaging it

It is necessary

  • - brush-brush;
  • - hairdryer;
  • - olive, burdock or castor oil;
  • - apple cider vinegar or cognac.


Step 1

Pay attention to keratin hair straightening, which makes the strands much heavier, they straighten under their own weight. This method restores the structure of each hair and compensates for the lack of such an important substance as keratin.

Step 2

Keratin straightening is quite an expensive service, but the result lasts for about 2-4 months. Ask your salon what kind of keratin straightening method they use. These methods differ slightly from each other, listen to the information and choose the method that suits you best.

Step 3

Look for less expensive hair straighteners. This is a whole complex, which usually includes a mask, balm, conditioner and shampoo. But these funds only slightly straighten your hair and do not give a long-term and pronounced result, but they do not spoil your hair at all.

Step 4

Try treating your hair a little. Sometimes the curls become frizzy due to loosening. Use special masks and conditioners for damaged hair. A good result is obtained when using a special brush-brush (round).

Step 5

Choose the comb you need, wood or metal. Wooden brushes made from natural bristles are more suitable for wavy hair, metal combs remove excess hair frizz. Straightening hair in this way requires a certain skill.

Step 6

Point the hair dryer at the comb straight from top to bottom. Brush your hair slightly downward. After straightening each strand, use a cold jet of air from a hair dryer. This will allow the flakes of the hair to smooth out, which will make the strands look visually healthier.

Step 7

Pay attention to traditional hair straightening methods. Take olive oil, burdock oil or castor oil and spread it over the entire length of your hair. Cover your head with a plastic bag and cover the top with a towel. After about half an hour, wash off the oil with warm water and lemon juice or vinegar.

Step 8

Use this method regularly and after about 3-4 weeks your hair should be straightened. The principle of action of these substances is the same as that of keratin. The oil nourishes the hair and makes it heavier.

Step 9

Use another folk mask. Mix 1: 1 apple cider vinegar or cognac with water. Add one drop of olive oil to the mixture. Apply the mask to your hair and leave it on for half an hour. For an additional effect, you can use colorless henna, which also straightens the hair a little.

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