What Are The Unusual Ways Of Hair Styling

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What Are The Unusual Ways Of Hair Styling
What Are The Unusual Ways Of Hair Styling

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Usually girls use a standard set of products for hair styling: these are hairsprays and mousses for styling, a hairdryer, tongs, an "iron" for hair, curlers. But thermal exposure is harmful to hair, curlers take a long time, and with one varnish and a comb it is difficult to create a beautiful hairstyle. But there are unusual and effective styling methods that not only do not spoil the hair, but also help to give the hairstyle an original look.

What are the unusual ways of hair styling
What are the unusual ways of hair styling

Hair styling braids

Everything new is well forgotten old. Why use curlers, wrap your hair on hot tongs and try to create waves with a round comb and foam when you can use an old, even ancient method that was known many centuries ago and was probably used by you as a child? You just need to braid braids before going to bed - their number depends on the effect you want to get. If you need a very fluffy hairstyle with small curls, then you need to braid several thin, but very tight braids. The effect of carelessly tousled, slightly wavy hair will give two braids loosely braided for the night.

The ends of the hair remain straight, so it is advisable to curl them either with the help of small curlers or with tongs. And in order not to spoil the hair, you can twist the tip and fasten it around the elastic at the end of the braid.

Braids for styling your hair should be done after you dry and comb your hair thoroughly. It is also advisable to use some kind of styling product to keep the result longer.

Interesting results are obtained if you experiment with braids: braid a French braid or "fish tail".

Styling with a sock

At first glance, this method seems stupid, unusual and even strange, but the girls who use it never change their styling with a sock. It is very fast, simple and effective, the result is a lush, beautiful hairstyle with large curls.

Take a long knitted sock, cut off the end of the sock from the side of your fingers, and roll it into a thick elastic band. Make a high ponytail of hair, securing it with an elastic band, lift the ponytail up, attach a twisted sock and gradually wrap your hair in it, straightening the sock and distributing the strands. It turns out a spectacular bundle in the form of a tourniquet, which can be worn as an independent hairstyle. But to get a beautiful styling, you need to walk for several hours or leave the sock overnight. Then gently unwrap the sock and loosen your hair - the result will be amazing, especially if you spread the strands with your fingers dipped in hair gel.

Finger curling

If you don't have a curler on hand, you can use your fingers instead. Comb through your hair, dampen it with water, apply the foam and, separating one section at a time, twist it into a ring on your finger. Then carefully remove each ring and pin it on your head with invisible ones. Wait a while until the hairstyle dries, then remove the hairpins and unwind the rings. This method, unlike the previous ones, is also suitable for short hair.

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