How To Dye Your Hair Bright Colors

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How To Dye Your Hair Bright Colors
How To Dye Your Hair Bright Colors

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Earlier, women dyed their hair exclusively with hydrogen peroxide and henna, and it was possible to surprise others with a fashionable radical color only by poorly calculating the proportions and getting a clown red or crimson. Now times have changed, and any lady can easily turn not only from a brunette to a blonde, but also become the owner of an exotic shade of hair. If you have almost decided on such an experiment, it will not be superfluous to first think about how to choose the right color.

How to dye your hair bright colors
How to dye your hair bright colors


Step 1

Bright colors are not necessarily shades of red or pink. For brunettes or brown-haired women with dark skin, cold bright shades from blue or green are more suitable. If you decide on such an experiment, be sure to choose the color that most effectively emphasizes your strengths and disguises your shortcomings. So, for owners of dark skin and dark eyes, deep intense colors are ideal: blue, emerald, deep purple. But with pale shades, you should experiment with caution. Against the background of blond hair, even exotic blue, your dark eyes will lose their brightness, and your skin will begin to seem unnecessarily dark. The same rule applies to shades of red: darker, more saturated colors go to dark-eyed, and if your skin is naturally pale, almost transparent, it is better to choose gentle undertones of pink or peach.

Step 2

Remember that the skin tends to redden, and some women are even prone to periodic breakouts. If you have pimples or redness on your face, and even more so if you tend to fall into paint for any reason, it is better to refuse red hair. Hair only draws attention to the imperfections of your skin, and a blushing girl, whose hair color merges with the complexion, is unlikely to arouse sympathy among others. Take a close look at all the shades you want to try and settle on one that will blend in with the color of your eyes and brows.

Step 3

It is not at all necessary to paint the entire head at once. You can start with an effective highlight, adding a little more brightness and charm to your natural strands. Of course, you should not turn your head into a traffic light, coloring your hair with all the colors of the rainbow, remember the basic rules for combining colors. For blondes, bright red or orange strands, framed by more natural chocolate or chestnut shades, are suitable. And brunettes can add a couple of bright blue or emerald feathers to their hair to emphasize their unique style and personality.

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