Yellow Dress: Choosing Makeup

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Yellow Dress: Choosing Makeup
Yellow Dress: Choosing Makeup

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The yellow dress is a bright decoration. In such a bright outfit, you will shine at any event. However, such a dress will be a good choice if you choose an equally successful make-up for it.

Yellow dress: choosing makeup
Yellow dress: choosing makeup

Makeup with an accent on both lips and eyes is suitable for a yellow dress. Both options look amazing. There is also a third make-up option. Let's consider all of them.

Stylish nude makeup for a yellow dress

Makeup in flesh tones goes well with any outfit, for any occasion. This is a versatile option. Here's what you need: mascara, body shadow. Powder - optional. You can complement your makeup with a subtle shade of lipstick, or simply apply lip gloss.

Black makeup for a yellow dress

Black makeup has long been a classic. If you go for a day walk in a yellow dress, then paint your eyes with mascara, add arrows with a black pencil. If you are interested in evening makeup, opt for smokey eyes - this makeup will accentuate the beauty of your eyes, making your look more attractive. You can dilute the black scale with brown shadows or gray - here everything will already depend on personal preference.

Lip accent makeup for a yellow dress

Black and flesh tones are ideal for eye makeup for a yellow dress. Bright shades are not required here. But you can do a very interesting makeup by creating an accent on the lips. Just tint the eyelashes with mascara to make your eyes more expressive, and when choosing a lipstick, stop at a rich red color that matches yellow perfectly! The result will be an unusual and even sexy image. This style of a vamp woman looks great both as a daytime makeup under a yellow dress, and as an evening one.

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