How To Dye Your Hair White

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How To Dye Your Hair White
How To Dye Your Hair White

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A woman is a rather unpredictable creature. Sometimes every female representative wants to make a revolution in the familiar world. The best way is to change your hair color. You can paint them white at home, without contacting specialists.

How to dye your hair white
How to dye your hair white

It is necessary

Hair dye, comb, clips, vinegar, citric acid, hair balm


Step 1

Buy paint from a store. Dilute the paint in a non-metallic container, carefully following the instructions. Then comb, moisten and divide into 4 equal parts. Secure each part with a clip. Be sure to wear gloves to avoid getting your hands dirty.

Step 2

Start dyeing your hair. First, apply paint to the parting from the forehead to the back of the head, as this is the most visible part. Then, gradually separating each strand, paint over it. After all, pull your hair up so that the air flows through it. Then, comb through your hair to distribute the dye evenly. Next, wash off the paint by adding vinegar and citric acid to the water.

Step 3

Any dyeing is stressful for the hair. After dyeing, it is best to thoroughly care for your hair. Apply nourishing masks every week to maintain the texture and color of your hair. Wash your hair with a balm that will leave your hair soft and vibrant.

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