How To Make A Honey Wrap At Home

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How To Make A Honey Wrap At Home
How To Make A Honey Wrap At Home

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The ancient Greeks knew a lot about real beauty. They knew how not only to appreciate the natural beauty of the body, but also to take good care of them. That is why the Greek cosmetic procedure of honey wrap is popular today.

How to make a honey wrap at home
How to make a honey wrap at home

It is necessary

  • - honey
  • - cling film
  • - Body Scrub
  • - washcloth
  • - water
  • - towel
  • - a warm blanket


Step 1

The cosmetic honey wrap procedure consists of three stages: preparatory, main and wrap.

At the first stage, the skin is cleansed of dead cells of the epithelium and commonplace dirt. To do this, you need to take a shower using a body scrub and a hard washcloth.

Step 2

During the main stage, the honey mixture is applied to the body.

For wrapping, you should take non-candied honey at room temperature. Most often, pepper, mustard, sea salt and cinnamon are used as an additional ingredient for a honey mixture, but the most effective is a composition of honey and blue clay, taken in a one-to-one ratio.

Step 3

The final stage of this cosmetic procedure is the wrap itself.

During this stage, your body will be completely wrapped in a dense cocoon of cling film. On top of the film, you should wear something warm, like a jacket, or throw a blanket over it.

Step 4

To achieve the desired cosmetic effect in cling film and under a warm blanket, you need to spend about an hour. After the end of the procedure, it is supposed to wash off the remaining honey from the skin by taking a relaxing bath with herbal decoctions.

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