How To Paint Your Nails At Home

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How To Paint Your Nails At Home
How To Paint Your Nails At Home

Video: How To Paint Your Nails At Home

Video: How To Paint Your Nails At Home
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You can get the perfect manicure at home with just a little practice. A good result will not interfere with high-quality manicure supplies and your favorite bottle of nail polish. Doing your own manicure will save you some money and time.

How to paint your nails at home
How to paint your nails at home

It is necessary

  • -manicure accessories
  • -nail polish remover
  • -lacquer
  • -cotton swabs
  • - a container with cold water


Step 1

Treat your nails. Soak your hands in the saline solution, then remove the cuticles and shape the nails. Be sure to grind the surface of the nail plate with a file with the finest dusting.

Step 2

Shake the nail polish thoroughly before applying the coating. Be sure to pour cold water into a deep container. Put a few cotton swabs and nail polish remover in the place where you will paint your nails, this is required if you accidentally apply nail polish to your skin.

Step 3

Wipe the treated nails with nail polish remover and proceed with coating. Start painting your nails from the little finger, moving towards the thumb. If you are using a bright varnish, first apply a colorless one, so you will protect the nail plate from staining with pigments and yellowing. Apply several layers of varnish, and on top of a special fixer, which contributes to the long-term preservation of the manicure in its original form.

Step 4

After applying the polish, soak your nails in a container of cold water. See if the varnish is dry. If not, keep your hands still in water or blow dry your nails with a cold stream of air.

Step 5

Remove excess nail polish from the skin around the nails using a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover. After that, once again make sure that your nails are dry and you can start your planned activities, because your nails deserve attention.