How To Know How I Will Look Like A Redhead

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How To Know How I Will Look Like A Redhead
How To Know How I Will Look Like A Redhead

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The image of the red-haired beast beckons with its brightness and recklessness. But is it worth rushing headlong into the pool? Such drastic changes may not be to the face, and the way back will be a lot of trouble.

How to know how I will look like a redhead
How to know how I will look like a redhead

How to "try on" hair color?

If you enter the phrase "selection of hairstyles" in the search bar of your browser, you will see a whole list of links to online applications and free programs that allow you to choose the most suitable hair color or hairstyle. They work, as a rule, according to the same principle. You need to insert a file with a photo of your face into the selected service and change your hair color using the proposed palette. It is important that in the picture you are strictly in frontal view, and the hair does not fall on the face, covering it. Such imperfections in the image will not allow you to fully assess how much this or that color suits you, as they will interfere with the general perception.

Another way to check if red hair is right for you is with a matching wig. It is not at all necessary to spend money on an unnecessary thing - you can visit the store of wigs and hairpieces in order to try on, but keep silent about this in a conversation with the seller. When going to such a salon, carefully tie your hair into a ponytail. This will make it easier for you to try on wigs and not be distracted by falling out curls. This method is very effective, because you will see yourself in the mirror, moving, changing the tilt of your head and facial expression, and you will be able to feel what it is like to be a redhead.

Well, if you really want changes and more decisive steps towards them, hurry to a professional hairdresser. He will be able to give you a couple of valuable tips and express his competent opinion on the subject of changing your hair color. With its help, you can make coloring, giving the hair a reddish tint, and, thereby, checking how the image has changed as a whole. Such a staining procedure will not result in a serious problem for you if the desire to become a redhead suddenly disappears.

Eye color and shades of red

The variety of shades of red allows the owners of different eye colors to choose "their" red and look, at the same time, excellent.

Blue or gray eyes? Then light tones of red are for you.

Brown or green? Note the shades of mahogany, coppery red, and dark caramel.

Eyes blacker than night? Any redhead is at your service.

Define your color type

Spring, summer, autumn, winter - four seasons and four color types of appearance. This discovery was made by stylists in the process of studying the natural color of female beauty. Natural skin tone, hair and eye color create a cool or warm type. With a predominance of peach or golden shades, the color type is warm, but if there are more bluish-pink shades, the appearance is of a cold type. Different shades of red will suit only representatives of warm color types, spring and autumn.

A spring girl is the owner of light skin, possibly ivory or golden, easily tanning, and green, cornflower blue or turquoise eyes. When dyeing her hair, golden shades and light red will suit her face. This color type is very rare in Russia.

An autumn girl is the owner of a pale dark or light skin tone that burns easily in the sun, and brown, blue, hazel or green eyes against a background of bright white squirrel. When choosing a hair dye color, she should pay attention to honey, fiery red or rusty shades of red.

However, the listed recommendations are by no means absolute, since the appearance of each woman is individual, exclusive and capable of going beyond any rules. And only experiment can prove it.

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