Methods For Volumetric Styling Of Long And Short Hair

Methods For Volumetric Styling Of Long And Short Hair
Methods For Volumetric Styling Of Long And Short Hair

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Volumetric styling looks spectacular and beautiful on both long and short hair. But the techniques for creating fluffy hairstyles can have many differences and will primarily depend on the length and structure of the hair.

Methods for volumetric styling of long and short hair
Methods for volumetric styling of long and short hair

Short straight hair fits best into a lush hairstyle better than anyone else - due to its length, it keeps its shape well and is easy to model with the help of cosmetics. Styling on short hair can have both root volume and volume along the entire length of the created hairstyle.

The most common way to create volumizing styling on short hair is with a hair dryer. To do this, apply a small amount of a modeling agent to clean, slightly moistened strands: mousse, foam or gel and distribute it along the entire length of the hair. After that, the hair is dried with a warm jet of air from a hair dryer, directing it against their growth. The strands can be lifted at the roots using a special double-sided blown brush.

After the hair has cooled down, add volume to it with a round brush or fleece. Small strands of hair are captured by the brush, which is rotated on its axis and heated with a hairdryer. Before removing the brush from the resulting curl, the hair must be allowed to cool or blown over with a cold stream of air using a hair dryer. The bouffant is performed with a comb with frequent teeth, lifting individual strands and combing them along the inside.

When styling your hair with a round brush, it should be remembered that the size of the resulting curl depends on its diameter: the larger the brush, the larger the curl will be.

The fleece is slightly smoothed on the outside so that the upper strands lie perfectly even and smooth, covering the combed hair. After that, the hairstyle is fixed with varnish or a special fixing spray, which gives the hair an extra shine.

The simplest volumetric styling method for medium-length hair, which is often used in conditions of a catastrophic lack of time, allows you to do with cosmetics and a comb. To create such a style, it is necessary to carefully comb the hair with a massage brush against their growth. The hair is combed in all directions, tilting the head in the right direction and slightly beating the curls with your fingers.

Brushing against hair growth gives the hair the necessary splendor and volume. To fix it, a strong fixation varnish is used: the hair is sprayed from a distance of 25-30 cm from the inside, slightly tilting the head to one side and allowing the hair to deviate slightly from the neck. From the outside, the hairstyle is smoothed out with your fingers, laying individual strands in the desired order. In order not to unnecessarily weigh down the hairstyle and not to deprive it of the resulting volume, from the outside, the hair is not treated with styling products.

It is important to remember that this type of volumetric styling is only obtained on clean hair. On unwashed hair, such a hairstyle will look sloppy and untidy.

Styling long hair is technically more difficult and requires the use of special cosmetics to add volume. As a rule, long hair does not hold the root volume poorly due to its own gravity, therefore, they need to use cosmetics that make the hair structure denser and better amenable to modeling.

Along the entire length of the hair, the styling mousse or cream is evenly distributed to add volume, after which the styling of individual small strands begins. Each strand is wound on a large round brush, dried with a hairdryer and secured with an invisible or hairdressing clip. Work begins from the parietal zone, gradually moving to the sides and bangs.

After the hair has cooled down, remove the clamps, carefully unwind each curl, give it the desired shape and position in the hairstyle and fix it with varnish.

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