Video And Photo Styling Lessons For Curly Hair

Video And Photo Styling Lessons For Curly Hair
Video And Photo Styling Lessons For Curly Hair

Video: Video And Photo Styling Lessons For Curly Hair


In ancient Greece, the owners of curly hair were considered the governors of the gods. It is no coincidence that all the inhabitants of Olympus are depicted in the paintings with wavy hair. In the Middle Ages, members of the nobility curled their hair in various ways to emphasize their position in society.

Video and photo styling lessons for curly hair
Video and photo styling lessons for curly hair

Curly hair makes the image unusually feminine, mysterious. To make your curls look really attractive, you need to style your hairstyle correctly.

Curly hair is usually quite dry. They require special care. After shampooing, use a moisturizing balm or nourishing mask. After rinsing off the cosmetic care product, dry your hair with a towel and apply styling foam or mousse to it. You can rub the product with silicones into the ends of the hair.

It is advisable to use styling products that are specifically designed for curly hair. They contain components that help fix curls.

Don't use too much foam or mousse. This will only make the hairstyle heavier. To style your hair of medium length, you will need a small ball of foam the size of a walnut. It is advisable to use thermal protection products that protect hair from damage while blow-drying.

To create the effect of wet hair, you can apply a special styling gel to it. Curls are easy to style with a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment. Dry the strands one by one, crushing them with your hands. In this case, the air jet must be directed strictly in the direction of hair growth.

You can dry your hair very quickly with a hot air jet. But this procedure very much spoils their structure, so for regular styling it is better to use the cold air supply function.

To create elegant curls, you can style your hair with a blow dryer and round brush. You can also use a hair dryer with a special round nozzle. The foam must be distributed over the entire length of the hair, then divided into strands and dried one by one, winding each strand on a brush. To straighten the hair at the roots, pull out the curls with a round brush, winding only the ends over it. This styling option is perfect for chubby women.

Owners of an elongated face should try to create root volume. To do this, apply a little special styling agent to the roots of washed and slightly dried hair, and then dry your head with a hairdryer with a diffuser nozzle. It is very easy to create dizzying volume with this styling device.

After the curls are formed, it is permissible to decorate the hairstyle with an elegant ribbon, a rim. You can also separate the front strands, twist them with a tourniquet, and pin them back. This styling option is great for creating a romantic look.

The finished hairstyle can be lightly sprinkled with varnish.

You can style unruly curly hair without the help of a hair dryer. To create a very feminine hairstyle, you need to wash your hair, apply mousse or foam to your hair, and then tie a thin scarf around the crown of your head. When the hair is dry, the scarf can be removed, the curls can be straightened with your fingers and the curls can be dried naturally.

In order for curly hair to look attractive, it is important to choose the right haircut. In this case, a stepped haircut is most preferable, when creating which curls look very expressive.

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