We Make Curls For Medium Length Hair

We Make Curls For Medium Length Hair
We Make Curls For Medium Length Hair

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Medium length hair is often a hassle: it hasn't grown enough to create complex hairstyles, but too long for casual frivolous styling. The ideal option for medium-length hair is to curl all kinds of curls.

We make curls for medium length hair
We make curls for medium length hair

Hair, styled in curls of various shapes and sizes, never goes out of fashion and is appropriate for both everyday and festive styling. To create beautiful curls, both specialized means of forming curls and improvised materials can be used.

If for some reason it is not possible to wind your hair on curlers or use tongs, the old way of creating large curls by hand will come to the rescue. To do this, cleanly washed hair is slightly moistened with warm water and a small amount of styling mousse is applied to it. The hair is carefully combed, distributing the mousse along its entire length, and parted directly.

With a comb with a long narrow tail, separate a small strand 2-3 cm wide and gently twist it around the index finger. The future curl is carefully fixed with an invisible hairpin or a hairdressing clip, after which they move on to the next strand. It is recommended to wind the hair on the occipital and parietal zones in the direction from the forehead to the back of the head, this will give the curls a natural look.

The curled hair is thoroughly dried with a hairdryer, trying to avoid creating excessively hot air. After the hair has completely cooled down, the clamps are carefully removed, and the resulting curls are gently combed with your fingers. The finished hairstyle is shaped using a comb with rare teeth; a small amount of wax is used to fix the hairstyle.

To form beautiful curls, the hair must be very well dried: even a slightly damp strand will instantly lose its shape.

The creation of spectacular curls in a retro style requires preliminary careful combing of the hair so that no tangled strands remain. The hair is moistened with a spray bottle, a styling gel is applied and evenly distributed over the entire length. Start styling from the forehead, holding a small strand between the index and middle finger and forming a slight wavy curve. Behind the wave, the hair is secured with a clip and proceeds to create the next bend.

In the same order, waves are formed on each strand on both sides of the parting. After that, the hair is lightly sprayed with varnish or a special fixing spray, the curls are covered with a hairnet and dried with a hairdryer.

Instead of a mesh, you can use a diffuser attachment for a hair dryer. The main thing is that the waves do not deform during the drying process.

After the hair dries, the clamps are carefully removed, the waves are gently combed with your fingers, giving them the desired location in the hairstyle. If necessary, with the help of a small amount of wax, the curls of individual strands are modeled. It is not recommended to use brushes or combs when styling - they can damage the appearance of the curl.

When creating large or spiral-shaped curls, use curlers of the appropriate shape or electric tongs. Divide the hair into four equal sections and apply a small amount of styling or heat protectant to them.

The curl begins with the bangs, twisting it to the forehead, after which they move to the parietal, occipital and lateral sides. To simulate a natural curl, you can use curlers of various sizes. The finished curls are carefully combed and fixed with hairspray.

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