Making Beauty At Home: A Selection Of Original Hairstyles

Making Beauty At Home: A Selection Of Original Hairstyles
Making Beauty At Home: A Selection Of Original Hairstyles

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The look of a woman depends not only on makeup. One of the main accents falls on the hairstyle. Most women are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of their hair. Some situations require professional intervention, but there are also hairstyles that can be done at home.

Making beauty at home: a selection of original hairstyles
Making beauty at home: a selection of original hairstyles

To create a hairstyle, you need more than a comb. Your indispensable helpers when styling your hair will be a hairdryer, styler, hairpins, invisibility, elastic bands, styling products.

Creating an image with a comb and hair dryer is an art, but it is not difficult, it can and should be learned. Women with short hair use a hairdryer almost every day, so they are well aware of the benefits of this method. But for long-haired ladies, a hairdryer will become an indispensable assistant.

Curls are an invariable attribute of a romantic look. Some people have naturally beautiful wavy hair that does not require additional effort, and some have to spend time and energy creating beautiful curls. Using a styler will make this task easier.

To create a romantic look, it is not necessary to curl all the strands, it is enough to twist only the ends of the hair.

Hairpins, bobby pins and hair ties are indispensable when creating complex hairstyles, when you need to fix the strands in a certain position, collect them in a ponytail or braid them.

Romantic image

Wash your hair thoroughly, towel dry and finish styling with a hairdryer, adding volume from the roots.

Part your hair. Twist the facial hair into wide bundles, which are secured at the back of the head with elastic bands. One strand should be left untucked.

Curl the hair that is not included in the bundles in large curls and style it in a beautiful wave over the entire head, securing it, where necessary, with hairpins or invisible hairpins. Twist the remaining strand with a styler and leave it to fall freely on your face. Fix the entire hairstyle with hairspray.

Elegant image

Babette with a pigtail is one of the most elegant, but at the same time solemn hairstyles. First, comb your hair thoroughly. Divide the hair into a parting, separating two large strands at the temples. To keep them out of the way, pin them with clamps.

At the crown, also divide the hair into two parts and fix them firmly with invisible ones. Fold back the upper part of the hair so that it does not interfere with working with the lower part, which must be brushed fluffy. Roll the combed hair into a roller and secure with hairpins.

The top section of the hair can also be brushed lightly, then gently wrap the bottom roller with this hair. Fix the strands with invisible ones. You have a babette that needs to be fixed with hairspray.

From the left twisted plaits, two pigtails should be weaved, which subsequently need to be wrapped around the base of the babette and secured with invisible ones.

Unusual image

Braids are a versatile hairstyle, but if you want something new, and there is no time to weave a complex braid, then you can make a very unusual braid.

Comb your hair thoroughly and collect it on one side, the one where your braid will be. Secure your hair with a silicone rubber band at about shoulder height. Part your hair over the elastic and thread the remaining ponytail through the hole. You have a curl.

Just below the curl, fasten the hair again with an elastic band and do the same operation.

This hairstyle can be diversified by making a couple of curls, and then braiding a regular braid of three strands.

As a result, your entire braid will consist of such beautiful and neat curls, the number of which will depend only on the length of your hair.

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