Return To The Romantic Era: Style Hairstyles

Return To The Romantic Era: Style Hairstyles
Return To The Romantic Era: Style Hairstyles

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Hipsters are a youth subculture that emerged in the 60s. Its representatives were distinguished by bright clothes, non-standard musical tastes, catchy makeup and incredible hairstyles that have become classics. These bouffants, corollas and tails are still popular today.

Return to the romantic era: style hairstyles
Return to the romantic era: style hairstyles

These hairstyles themselves were borrowed from American films and the most popular in those years were considered "corollas of the world", "boxes", "half-boxes", voluminous tails, "Babette", cocci with and without parting, forelocks a la Elvis and the so-called " recumbent pipes ". Sugar beers were used to fix these unthinkable hairstyles for volume and durability, and petroleum jelly was used to smooth the hair. Today, styling has become easier thanks to the variety of mousses, foams and hairsprays.

The male half of the movement of the dandies, as a rule, simply let go of the long bangs and combed it into the so-called kokk. Girlish hairstyles were very diverse.

One of the most "top" hairstyles was considered "Babette".

She gained her popularity after the release of the film "Babette Goes to War", where Brigitte Bardot starred.

To create this hairstyle, you will need a comb, an elastic hair band, a volume roller, hairpins, invisible hairpins and hairspray.

First, the hair must be collected in a high ponytail and thrown forward on the forehead. Having slightly bent the volume roller, you need to fix it with invisible pins and hairpins at the base of the tail. The rest of the hair just needs to be tucked under the roller and secured in the same way with hairpins. After that, the roller must be covered with hair and secured with an elastic band. Then you should distribute the hair over the roller in such a way that it is completely invisible. As a final touch, all that remains is to sprinkle the hair with varnish.

Another favorite hairstyle of the styleds is called "Fleece". It is somewhat more difficult to perform and more laborious than the babette, but the result is always just excellent.

This hairstyle requires a curling iron and a hairbrush, a fine-toothed comb, nail polish to hold it in place, and a headband or ribbon as decoration.

To begin with, you need to very carefully comb the hair along the entire length and comb it with a comb with fine teeth from the roots to the middle of the total length. Then you need to carefully twist them on the curling iron, moving from bottom to top. Next, you should carefully smooth the hair from above to mask the formed bouffant. To finish, just tie a beautiful satin ribbon or put on a headband.

The dudes also enjoyed various hairstyles with ribbons. They can be found quite often, since they are very simple to perform. For such hairstyles, you need an ordinary comb, ribbon, as well as hairspray and a beautiful flower - live or artificial.

The ribbon should be tied two knots around the hair below shoulder level. The hair remaining below should be collected in an elastic band and twisted up so that the elastic is inside. Then the tape must be crossed over the forehead and tied at the back. You need to attach a flower to the finished hairstyle as a decoration.

When creating this hairstyle or the like, you need to remember that the color of the hair accessory must match or partially repeat the main color of the dress and the entire costume as a whole.

The above hairstyles are suitable for owners of long hair and medium length hair. Girls with short haircuts to their shoulders, as a rule, did styling in the style of Marilyn Monroe or styled bouffants like men's cocci, but softened them by decorating with ribbons and beads.

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