How To Braid A Spikelet

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How To Braid A Spikelet
How To Braid A Spikelet

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Braids are an immortal classic, the best decoration for a woman's head. It was relevant hundreds of years ago and remains fashionable today. Looking at fashionable glamorous persons of not disgusting appearance, many girls think about how to master the art of weaving a spikelet on their own head


How to braid a spikelet

Spikelet is a versatile hairstyle for all occasions, which can be braided both for everyday going to work and for going out. The spikelet will be a great addition to any look. This hairstyle is suitable not only for owners of long and lush hair. There are varieties of spikelets that will look great on both fine and short hair. You don't have to go to the salon to look elegant and effective. It is not at all difficult to learn how to weave a spikelet yourself.

Knowing the basic weaving techniques, you can endlessly experiment and create new types of braids on the basis of classical options. Before trying to do complex hairstyles, you need to try to braid a classic spikelet yourself several times.

It's great: to be able to turn disheveled hairs into a standard of femininity and beauty in minutes. Voluminous spikelets with elongated strands look especially great.

An openwork braid falling from the shoulder - what else is needed to win the hearts of knights, and cause bouts of suffocating envy from friends and acquaintances?

It can be difficult to master braiding only.

How to braid a spikelet: secrets

To make it easier to style your hair, use the following secrets from experienced hairdressers:

  • From thin strands, a neat, graceful braid is obtained.
  • Large strands are used to create voluminous braids. To create a fashionable, careless, slightly loose braid, take large strands, and try to cross them less often.
  • To avoid the appearance of "roosters", comb and tighten each separate strand.
  • To simplify the braiding process, and the hair does not fall apart, lightly spray it with water, styling products (mousse, foam, gel) or moisturize your hands.
  • The hairstyle will not be perfect right away, so before weaving the braid for yourself, try to create a hairstyle on another person or on a mannequin.
  • Small “roosters” are easy to remove with a fine-toothed comb.
  • For a "circular spikelet" hairstyle, purchase a small comb and comb the hair at the roots with it, so your styling will look more elegant.
  • Use accessories: various hairpins, rhinestones, headbands, hairpins will make even the most ordinary, classic spikelet original.

Weaving pattern

  • Comb hair back
  • Then take in hand one wide strand on the crown
  • Divide the part of the hair that is now in the hand into 3 separate strands
  • Next, we take the right side and put it on top of the middle
  • Then we take the left strand and repeat the same.
  • Thus, we make several links.
  • At this stage, you can already start adding new strands.
  • To do this, add a small amount of hair from the corresponding half of the head to the right bundle.
  • Then they cross again with the central strand
  • The middle bundle must be pulled to the right side, gently holding all the strands
  • Further, point number 3 is repeated, but on the other side
  • Then we repeat the item number 5, but pull it back to the left.
  • Next - repeat the previous points in turn
  • The remaining loose hair can be braided into a regular braid.

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