How To Wash Off Tinted Shampoo

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How To Wash Off Tinted Shampoo
How To Wash Off Tinted Shampoo

Video: How To Wash Off Tinted Shampoo

Video: How To Wash Off Tinted Shampoo
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Tinted shampoos allow you to emphasize a woman's natural hair color, giving it deeper shades. They make it possible to experiment with hair color without fear of irreparable consequences. The pigments that make up the coloring matter do not penetrate the hair structure, but are distributed over their surface, therefore they are washed off after several shampooing procedures. But sometimes it happens that a new shade does not fit at all and you need to wash it off faster.

How to wash off tinted shampoo
How to wash off tinted shampoo


Step 1

If you applied the tint shampoo in accordance with the attached instructions and strictly followed all the recommendations, then the shade will gradually fade and almost completely wash off in 7-10 times. Wash your hair daily, then after a week the shade that did not suit you will disappear.

Step 2

In the event that the tint shampoo was applied to bleached hair or to a fresh perm, an unpredictable and rather persistent color effect can be obtained. This happens if you used different tint shampoos without waiting for the previous shade to be completely washed off. In this case, the solution may be repainting. Do it with a professional master who will select the desired shade and correct the hair color.

Step 3

There are special professional products with which you can wash off even long-lasting hair dye. They are manufactured by beauty and hair care companies and are usually deep cleansing shampoos and emulsions for removing dye from hair.

Step 4

To make the shade less bright and intense, you can apply a regenerating mask to your hair. Its purpose is different, but it will also allow you to get such an effect.

Step 5

Use folk remedies - oil or kefir masks. Apply kefir to your hair, put on a rubber or plastic cap and wrap your head with a towel. Leave the mask on hair for 1, 5 - 2 hours, then rinse with warm water.

Step 6

In the pharmacy, you can buy black soap "Granny Agafya", wash your hair with it several times, the paint should come off. This soap is natural and does not contain substances that can cause severe damage to hair. But after all the restorative procedures, do a couple of times with nourishing masks for your hair so that it comes to its senses after all these stresses.