How To Grow Hair Fast

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How To Grow Hair Fast
How To Grow Hair Fast

Video: How To Grow Hair Fast

Video: How To Grow Hair Fast
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Long hair is always fashionable and beautiful. What obsequious designers have not come up with to help women get beautiful curls this minute! Overhead strands, hairpieces, artificial extensions in beauty salons are used. But it costs a lot. And if you want your hair to look as natural as possible, you won't be able to save money. However, there is no need to despair. You can quickly grow your hair on your own, you just need to take care of them, pamper them with nourishing masks and rubbing.

How to grow hair fast
How to grow hair fast

It is necessary

Onions, salt, honey, vodka or brandy, sour milk. Herbs: nettle, coltsfoot, burdock, thyme, willow bark


Step 1

Loose hair grows very slowly, so first of all you need to strengthen it. And here we simply cannot replace the bow. The bulb contains the same components that are contained in the hair trace elements, namely sulfur and phosphorus. And thanks to this, onion juice helps to restore hair structure, prevents hair loss and dandruff.

Step 2

To prepare a mask that stimulates hair growth, you need to mix one tbsp. a spoonful of onion juice with two tbsp. spoons of vodka and add three tbsp. tablespoons of burdock oil. Apply this mixture to the hair roots for forty minutes. To enhance the effect, you can wrap your head with a scarf. You need to nourish your hair with this composition twice a week. After two procedures, positive changes are noticeable - the hair becomes shiny and elastic, and stops falling out.

Step 3

Another effective recipe is to mix onion juice with sour milk in arbitrary proportions, and rub in this mixture half an hour before washing your hair. This will not only enhance hair growth, but also help get rid of dandruff.

Step 4

Wrap the onion, chopped into gruel, in gauze, folded several times and rub the juice into the scalp. This is a simple but very good way to speed up hair growth.

Step 5

Oddly enough, ordinary table salt is also very effective in the fight for long hair. If you rub it into the hair roots at night, then after a while the hair will acquire a beautiful shine, revive and begin to grow.

Step 6

The onion, salt and honey mask strengthens the hair very well. To cook it, you need to take one hundred grams of chopped onions, and one tbsp. spoons of honey and salt. Grind all this until smooth and let stand for 2-3 hours, then rub into the scalp.

Step 7

Herbs can provide additional nourishment to the hair. If you wash your hair with herbal decoctions, the condition of your hair will improve markedly. Nettle and coltsfoot leaves, chamomile and burdock root, thyme and willow bark are great for this purpose.

Step 8

Only regular hair care will help to grow them quickly, as well as keep them strong and beautiful.