How To Cut Men

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How To Cut Men
How To Cut Men

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Most men have to cut their hair very often: they need to visit a hairdressing salon almost every 3-4 weeks. As a result, haircuts consume a lot of money that can be saved if you learn how to cut your man yourself.

How to cut men
How to cut men

It is necessary

  • - scissors
  • - hairbrush
  • - hair clipper
  • - razor


Step 1

The easiest way to open a home hairdresser is to buy a hair clipper. It is inexpensive and quickly justifies its price. If your husband, father or son prefers short, uncomplicated haircuts, then you can quickly learn how to cut men with the clipper. Before you practice, watch how a professional cuts. Find videos on the Internet on how to cut men or go to the salon, sneak behind hairdressers.

Step 2

It is better to start your first self-haircut during vacation or on weekends, so that in case of failure, your man does not go to work unhappy. But I hope your haircut will work. Before you start, be sure to discuss your future haircut with your man. Perhaps he will give you good advice and tell you in detail how to cut it. Determine the desired length of hair on the crown, occipital and temporal lobes and select the attachments for the clipper accordingly.

Step 3

Start at the top of your head and the largest brush head. Try to take your time and carefully remove any excess hair. “Marriage for which it is better to spend several times on the same section of hair. On the back of the head and temples, cut with a fine nozzle. Make smooth movements, try to smooth out the difference in length, lifting the clipper slightly from the head when you cut the back of the head from the bottom up.

Step 4

Last but not least, be sure to trim the hair growth. Using a machine without a nozzle, go along the border of hair growth, carefully treat the areas behind the ears. Be careful not to disturb the hairline, carefully consider the result of your work and let the man evaluate the haircut from all angles. We hope that both you and your man will be satisfied with the haircut. Over time, you will learn to cut men confidently and quickly, and you can forget about the monthly cost of hairdressing.

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