How To Get A Hair Like Justin Bieber

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How To Get A Hair Like Justin Bieber
How To Get A Hair Like Justin Bieber

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One of the most famous singers of the 21st century, Justin Bieber, has won recognition as a "hot guy" not only with his unique voice, but also with his charming graduated haircut. Therefore, by copying such a hairstyle, you will certainly surround yourself with the attention of pretty girls.

How to get a hair like Justin Bieber
How to get a hair like Justin Bieber

It is necessary

  • - scissors;
  • - hairdryer;
  • - hairbrush;
  • - moisturizing hair conditioner;
  • - flat tongs ("iron" for hair);
  • - spray for thermal hair protection.


Step 1

To get a Justin Bieber hairstyle, it is best to go to a professional hairdresser, because the key position in this pop artist's haircut is proper hair graduation. But to further maintain its shape, you will have to make some efforts every day. If you are ready for this, then feel free to change.

Step 2

First, the strands on the back of the head are cut short, the side (temporal) and front strands are graduated and lengthened. After you have cut your hair, washed it and moisturized it, you need to style it correctly. The main styling element will be a hairdryer. Dry your hair with a warm stream from a hair dryer strictly in the direction from the back of the head to the temples. Then lower your head down and shake your hair well so that the graduated hair takes its original position towards the temples. To complete the hairstyle, like Bieber's, lightly comb the hair.

Step 3

To achieve a 100% effect similar to Justin Bieber's hairstyle, stylists recommend using a moisturizing hair conditioner to make your hair soft and manageable. If you have curly or wavy hair, flat tongs can help you turn it into straight, smooth strands, so be sure to get a quality hair straightener and thermal spray to avoid possible damage to your strands from daily styling.

Step 4

Remember that a well-chosen hairstyle has a magnetic effect on those around you. Therefore, before you radically change and copy someone else's style, choose a haircut that would match your personality and inner state of mind.

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