How To Make A Haircut With A Clipper

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How To Make A Haircut With A Clipper
How To Make A Haircut With A Clipper

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There is a huge variety of men's haircuts, but many men prefer very short haircuts for convenience and practicality, for which a special clipper is used, rather than scissors. A haircut with a clipper is so simple that you can master this method of creating men's hairstyles even at home and then save on the services of a hairdresser.

How to make a haircut with a clipper
How to make a haircut with a clipper


Step 1

The clipper comes with several attachments - one for clipping the back of the head, one for the back of the head and temporal lobes, and one for the crown. Depending on the change in the cutting zones, change the attachments on the typewriter.

Step 2

Start your haircut from the back of your head. Comb through your hair and machine it from the bottom up, holding the hair clipper firmly and lifting your head up. Lift the device from bottom to top slowly and point it slightly to the side.

Step 3

After the back of the head is cut, replace the attachment on the clipper and repeat the haircut, modifying the length of the hair in the back of the head. Comb your hair and see the result. Proceed with trimming the lateral hair growth zones and crown.

Step 4

Move the clipper gently from the forehead to the crown against the direction of hair growth, then check if the sides and crown are cut the same way and trim the hair for a neat hairstyle.

Step 5

Comb your hair, set the height lever to the position for the shortest cut. Finish the edges of the hair by holding the clipper perpendicular to the head and moving it down. Treat the edges by lightly touching the hair with the clipper.

Step 6

Likewise, trim the sideburns and give them an even shape by machining the cut. Comb the hair carefully around the ears, and then gently go around each ear with the machine with the attachment removed, going around the desired contour and touching the hair with one corner of the machine.

Step 7

To avoid damaging the skin of the person you are cutting, always hold the clipper perpendicular to the surface of the head and neck.

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